Monday, October 20, 2014

The Review: Rimmel 'Match Perfection' Foundation

This is a foundation that needs no introduction. Much loved in the beauty community, it always appears when top drugstore foundations are lined up and for good reason. I am picky when it comes to foundations purely for the reason that I don't like anything that is apparent on my skin. Regardless of this being a medium to full coverage foundation, it doesn't have the obvious look that other foundations can, and in all the right ways.

This provides coverage and is highly perfecting while also being luminous, but isn't cakey or thick. It's probably the most liquid foundation I own as I always find myself being surprised at it running down the back of my hand since I'm not used to such a thin consistency. I do notice glitter-like reflects in the sun, which is why I stopped wearing it for some time during the day, but I think my tastes have changed because it doesn't bother me anymore. As for longevity I think this has quite a standard staying power and even longer when powdered down, which is what I tend to do.

I still reserve this largely for going out or days where I need to be done up, but that is for no reason except that I seldom wear a base day to day - even a BB cream is stretching it. This would be an amazing daily foundation for anyone who loves more coverage as it's quite thin and quick to apply, especially with a sponge.

What is your go-to, foolproof foundation?

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Sliders Trend

If you've been around here for awhile you will know I'm completely in love with the sliders trend, along with a lot of the blogging world it seems. They receive some hate, kind of the shoe equivalent of the leggings as pants debate, but much like leggings once you try them and realise how completely comfortable they are everything changes - at least for me.

I seem to have a magic radar when it comes to picking painful shoes, so wearing these is like a dream. It is hard to say they look "cute" with an outfit, but I really do think they add something different when paired with the right things. These are the ultimate shoes for casual days when you will be walking a lot or just for running errands.

How do you feel about the sliders trend?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Drugstore '90's Lip'

Australis is a brand most Australian girls will know well. It's super affordable, comes out with on-trend colours and products while also maintaining a really great quality. Their lip products have always been what stood out to me most due to some really out there shades that other drugstore-type brands just weren't offering in Australia.

I have been looking hard and trying lots of different shades that seem to make the cut when it comes to the perfect Kylie Jenner-esq lip, but I always find them being slightly more on the pink side with barely any brown undertones to them. Australis's lip pencil in the shade 'Tickled Pink' seems overwhelmingly brown on first swatch, the same way MACs 'Whirl' is, and leaves you wondering how it will actually look on the lips. It looks amazing - very 90's, very Kylie and the perfect balance between the brown and pink tones.

Upon first application the pencil does feel like it pulls and is overly waxy, however that seems to be a coating as after the first use it became very creamy but with still the right amount of tackiness that suggests that it will be long wearing. The formula is matte and the same rules apply as with most lip liners - exfoliate and moisturise before application. I find that applying the liner first and adding a little clear balm over the top on dry lip days works a treat if you're not too fussed about the matte look and still want to rock the colour.

If you have access to Australis and are looking for a cheaper version of the coveted MAC liners this is definitely something to check out! What is your favourite 90's lip shade at the moment?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Tumblr Inspo #9

Today was a twenty seven degree spring day and I was unfortunately inside watching the world go by from my window as I studied for my upcoming exams. My fingers are crossed that it doesn't get too warm until after my exams are done and dusted so I can enjoy the hot weather.

I am never usually excited for summer as it can be quite hard to deal with in Australia, days shooting well into the forties sometimes. However, I miss the beach and can't wait to start swimming and laying out again so hopefully this year is more manageable than the last.

I have been spending a lot of time getting blog posts together for while I'm busy studying and have really gotten into the hang of scheduling things. I'm aiming to post every second day from now on, especially once my time frees up a little more in the summer break. I have been putting a lot of thought into my blog and I am so excited to be able to work on it more. I want to freshen up the design, work on my content and maybe even look into getting a better quality camera. Nothing is more exciting to me than the prospect of improving my content as it's something I think is so, so important.

How is the weather in your part of the world and what steps are you taking to improve your blog?

Friday, October 10, 2014

Mimco's 'Mim Pouch'

This is a piece I have wanted to add to my collection for a long time. I had a cheaper patent leather-look pouch in place of this and adored it, however due to the quality and daily use it fell to pieces. That's when I decided to splurge on the real thing since it was an item I knew I would use every day.

Mimco is an Australian brand that originated in Melbourne and is best known for these luxe pouches. I decided on the classic Mim Pouch in black patent leather and embellished with a rose gold Mimco badge. These pieces come in so many colours, finishes and with different material badges that there really is something for everyone. I believe this design is one of the most popular which isn't hard to believe - it's beautiful. The quality is what you would expect from a designer piece, luxe feeling leather and weighty hardwear. This pouch came with a two year warranty, authentication and a dust bag which all feels very special when you're splurging on a new piece for yourself and provides reassurance on the quality of the product.

This is perfect for anyone like me who prefers to use a pouch in place of a purse. This is bigger than your standard coin purse turned wallet and could fit your phone, cash and a lipstick if you wanted to use it to dash out of the house or even as an evening clutch. This piece is diverse and can really be slotted into any use you may have for it.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Review: Rimmel Scandal Eyes 'Nude'

This is a product I had heard so many people rave about yet I avoided picking up due to the mentality that it would be 'useless'. This is usually how my brain works when it comes to things that are nude, however I was definitely wrong and this product makes all the difference in my routine!

The Rimmel Scandal Eyes pencils are mega creamy and create no drag on the eye whatsoever while delivering complete pigment. They are just a stunning product and something that you would want to build up a collection of as they are a great go-to pencil liner. In my collection I currently have nude, black and a gorgeous silver. While the nude and black are reserved for my water and tight line, the silver I have used sheered out over the lid as a shadow. While this isn't their purpose, I imagine that it would work for any shade in the collection as they all have the same buttery texture that sets after application.

The nude shade has to be my favourite as it really does help in brightening up my forever tired looking under eyes. If you have tired eyes or even just redness in the water line, I strongly recommend this as it's a very quick, cheap way to make a lot of difference to your every day makeup.

What is your favourite eyeliner brand in terms of being used the water/tight line?

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Review: bareMinerals 'Prime Time'

It's hard to believe that only a few weeks a go I was completely sold on The Body Shop's Insta-Blur and here I am writing about a new love. I was really excited to receive this sample as it is a product I have heard a lot about but wasn't completely on my radar in an "I need to buy this" kind of way.

This primer is like liquid silk. Honestly, I have never had my skin feel so smooth as when I am applying this. Everything from my complexion to my base looks and feels better as a result. I also find this quite pore filling as it does have a silicon texture to it. I would go so far as to say that this fills in pores better than my insta-blur and that isn't even this primer's main claim.

When it comes to longevity I don't usually have issues regardless of primer. The real thing that makes this such a stand out product to me is what a change it made in the appearance of my base and concealer. My under eye area, which is usually the most concealer heavy place on my face, looked as though there was no product on the area at all. As for my foundation, there was no caking in my usual problem areas such as dry patches or the nose.

The texture of my skin was flawless and truly looks as though there was no product present, which is my personal goal. I really believe it has been all thanks to this primer as I haven't incorporated any new base products into my routine lately besides this. This is something that is definitely worth the splurge and that I will be picking up the full size of when the time comes!

What is your favourite primer of all time?