Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Review: Garnier BB Cream

My first ever makeup product was the original Garnier BB and I remember picking it up so vividly. I wanted something to just enhance my skin a little without looking like foundation and something that could be worn alone without any other makeup. This product does exactly that, and while the original definitely needed to be thorougly powdered, this formula has a more matte finish which I love even more.

I am a huge fan of BB creams and generally like every one I try. It's hard to go wrong with such a light coverage, and while I do have preferences I have never been disappointed completely. Regardless of what BB's I try I always come back to the Garnier one. There are a few in the range that you can pick and choose from to suit your taste, but this is my favourite that I've tried so far. The coverage is "barely there" but it definitely noticeably enhances yet there is no noticeable product on the skin.

My go to base is usually this with concealer as a spot treatment for under the eyes and any redness. This method is my personal favourite when it comes to base application as your skin looks naturally flawless and as if you've done nothing to it at all.

Overall, I'd recommend this to anyone who is looking for a lighter "perfecting" kind of base. Something to keep in mind when selecting your match is that while this is the oil free formula, I don't have oily skin and the other was too shiny standalone and needed to be powdered.

What is your favourite "barely there" product?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Wishlist: Spring 2014

Untitled #26

The warmer weather has me craving bare legs and short sleeves. I'm usually a lover of autumnal type dressing, but prospect of summer has me excited for once. I've been loving the sport luxe trend more than ever, and some of these pieces would create the perfect balance of laid-back and chic for warmer-weather ensembles. 

1. Sport Luxe
Mesh, numbers, panels and striped sleeved everything is on my wish list. I'm not the biggest fan of the "chic tracksuit pants" aspect, but when it comes to jersey style tops I'm obsessed. There are so many offerings at the moment it's hard to narrow them down and make a decision, but you can be sure to see me rocking these pieces in the warmer months.

2. Sliders
I'm absolutely in love with the pair I already own and I find myself wearing them daily, so I've been wanting to extend my collection. They are much cuter than thongs and look much more put together, yet are just as comfortable if not more so. I would love some funkier ones like the holographic style featured above, but I'd also like some Birks for ultra-comfiness. 

3. Crystals 
I've always loved the aesthetic of crystals and geodes, and now that they're becoming a common feature in jewellery I couldn't be happier. I would love a pointed crystal necklace as I think there is just something so cool about them, especially worn around the neck.

4. Marc Jacobs Holographic Pieces
I would be over the moon with any of them, and while the silver collection is largely sold out, the coloured are just as pretty. I really need a new smallish pouch just for my cards and one of these would be perfect! 

5. Cateyed Sunglasses
In Australia sunglasses are necessary all year round because even in the winter the glare from the clouds is blinding. I have so many oversized shades, but am lacking in the cat eye department because I haven't been able to find my ideal pair. 

6. Phone Case
This kind of counts as an accessory in my eyes. I've been eyeing up the Rifle Paper Co 'city' themed cases and have my heart set on the Paris one. I would honestly be happy with any of their cases though, to be honest.

What is currently on your fashion wishlist? 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Review: NYX Matte Bronzer

I have had a year long love/hate relationship with this product. When I swatched it in store I loved the shade but when I got it home and on my face I hated how muddy and orange it made me look. Pricier than a typical NYX product I was kind of grumpy that I'd wasted my money on something I deemed "unwearable".

When reassessing my brushes after a wash I decided to swap my blush brush for my bronzer blush and vice versa, meaning that my Sigma angled contour would now be reserved for blush while my big, fluffy Ecotools powder brush would become my new bronzer brush. This honestly made all the difference and I began to fully appreciate this product. The Sigma brush was simply putting too much product onto the skin, which gave me the orange/muddy look I hated. With a fluffy brush it distributed just the right amount and made my skin look lovely and tanned with a slight contour.

This is by no means the product I'd suggest for a full on Kim K contour as too much product goes bad very quickly, but as an every day bronzer with a light hand this is amazing! Overall, I'm never one hundred percent happy with bronzers, but this has definitely been one of the better ones I've tried.

What is your all-time favourite bronzer for contouring?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tumblr Inspo #8

It's a super bright, sunny nearly-spring Sunday here and I feel refreshed even though there is a giant pile of assignments for me to do. Something about the weather has just put me in a good mood and I'm positive about tackling the workload I have at the moment. I'm hoping this feeling stays considering I can stress myself out so, so much when things get hectic.

There is nothing more energising and motivating to me than sitting down and organising all of my to do lists, calendars and deadlines. Feeling on top of things is definitely key when it comes to stressing-less which is something I've really been working on this year. Speaking of, it's almost time to start thinking of new New Years resolutions which is a little bit scary to say the least.

Coffee in hand I'm going to spend half of today catching up on blog stuff such and the other half working on my major assignment which is a psychoanalysis type task which on one hand is super fun but on the other requires a lot of research of past literature, referencing and all that other good university-level-paper kind of stuff.

I hope you are all having an amazing weekend, tell me what you got up to!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Review: The Body Shop's 'Instablur'

Let me start off by saying that the chase for this product was just as sweet as what's inside the tube. Slipping in and out of four stores empty handed I was by no means ready to give up on the elusive Instablur. On a whim after an optometrists appointment two weeks later I found myself making a beeline to The Body Shop to see if maybe, just maybe, Instablur was back in stock - and it was!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Review: Benefit's Dandelion Boxed Powder

Benefit's Dandelion boxed powder is a product that left me confused. I have always thought of it as a blush and this is largely how it was portrayed in the beauty community, so when I bought it for myself I used it in this way. However, on the box it says it's a "brightening face powder" which is what got me thinking.

As a blush Dandelion is by no means a pop of colour. It's a subtle, rosy pink that leaves natural colour to the cheeks with an added sparkle. It's beautiful and the product that eased me into wearing blush. It was a lot like bright lipsticks, I wasn't sure how much was too much and I didn't want to look too "done up" on a daily basis - but I know now that isn't the case at all! This really is great for beginners or just anyone who enjoys the colour it gives off. Applied very lightly to the tops of the cheeks it just adds something to face.

This is a product I love and I cannot image my makeup bag without it, but I'm also not sure how readily I would repurchase it. In terms of value for money, it doesn't do a lot. It's by no means a perfect formulation full of strong pigmentation with amazing results. However, it is a product that is almost sentimental to me as it was my first high-end purchase - a bit of a weird one, hey?

If you own this I'd love to know how you use it!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Nude-ist!

I have been looking high and low for this shade for what seems like months. The much coveted Kylie Jenner lip is what sent me in a frenzy for this product, and while I could have ordered it online, something about the hunt and satisfactions of finding it in store stopped me.