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Moving around a fair bit over the past year, nothing has felt truly like home in terms of the space I was occupying. I am most definitely a less is more kind of person when it comes to decor, but even the tiniest little features can really take a space from feeling foreign to feeling like it's yours. Finally with a more permanent bed, I let myself display some trinkets that are important to me and it has made all the difference.

Photos are important to me, but I didn't want a thousand selfies of me and my friends plastering the walls. I decided to print photos that I had taken myself that remind me of very special moments, most of them from my past year in Europe. While these photos aren't incredibly personal, only one of them with me actually in it, I can really visualise what I was feeling and thinking when I glance to each of them. Creating this collage was super affordable and incredibly chic, in my eyes at least! All I had to do was print out my favourite photos and find some cute washi tape. Creating the arrangement was a really nice creative process as well, I really recommend this for anyone wanting to fill a blank wall!

Next come my little souvenirs which I have lined up on the sill above my bed. Besides an overload of Zara clothing, I didn't really bring much back from my time in France besides this little Eiffel Tower. On my last day I realised I needed something, and while this is a typical souvenir, I can't help but get a little flutter in my stomach every time I glance to it.

I have my crystals as well, which each mean something different to me. The day I bought these was just before a huge fork in my life and I was feeling so many different emotions at once, each of my crystal selections relating back in some way to each of these things. I also have my miniature succulent, which I couldn't pass up. Is $6 too much to spend on a tiny potted plant? Probably, but it's just too much. I don't think the picture even accurately shows how tiny that little guy is!

Finally, comes my clothing rack. Due to storage issues in my place, this was something I was forced to buy but have come to really love. I put all of my favourite and more delicate pieces up there and I think it has become a piece of decor in itself rather than an eyesore, which I couldn't be happier about!

I really hope you enjoyed this peek into my space. What are your best tips for decorating a small room? I'd love to hear them!
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