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Regardless of whether you're for or against, the word vegetarian or vegan instantly brings up an opinion. I have been received with both praise and negativity, depending on who I tell, and just the journey of "coming out" as a vegetarian has been an experience in itself. I was reluctant to make this post as I am scared of slipping up, and there is a lot of hate thrown towards people who proclaim a "diet" and then go back on it.

What made me change? It is something I have wanted to do for a long time now, I have always struggled to understand how people can put a different level of "worthiness" on lives, the classic argument of why isn't it okay to eat cats if we can eat a cow etc. Living in a house where meat is part of dinner almost every night, I found it very hard to start. However, when I moved to France and was responsible for all of my groceries and cooking, I never bought meat. I ate meat occasionally at restaurants, but on the whole I avoided it as much as possible, and in the end I found I wasn't eating it at all. When I came home, it was very easy to announce now that I had these months of doing it under my belt.

I'm sure some people will have the question - why not go all the way and be a vegan? There is no nice answer for this other than the fact that this is a transition. I am cutting down on dairy and sourcing alternatives in the mean time. I never enjoyed eating meat, so excluding it from my diet wasn't a challenge - for me, dairy is much harder.

Are you a vegetarian or a vegan? How/why did you make the transition?
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