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Kiehl's is a brand, as a student balling on a budget, I was always reluctant to splurge on. Something about my eye area and skincare sends me into a tailspin though, so I found myself with not only one but two Kiehl's eye creams in my stash. My eye area is what I'm self conscious about. Even if everyone else says they can't notice, all I can see when I look in the mirror is my dark, under eye circles. No concealer will mask them, so my obsession with eye treatments began to try and tackle the problem from it's source.

The Kiehl's Midnight Recovery for eyes sold itself to me. Although I knew that it probably was not going to be the miracle product it claimed to be, I couldn't help but be a sucker and try it out. Of course, because it's Kiehl's, it is an amazing eye cream. It is hydrating and leaves the eye area looking great - and I swear it did make a difference. It wasn't the complete eye overhaul I expected, but there was a noticeable difference. My only problem with this is that it's remarkably thin for a cream marketed as a night time product, especially when compared to the Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment. The Avo cream is much thicker and more hydrating, which is definitely a bit confusing to me.

The Kiehl's Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment speaks for itself. I could write a rave review on it, but it has been hyped up so many times before that it's almost useless at this point. The reviews are all correct, this is an amazing, thick and hydrating product. This really changed how my eye area looks and how makeup applies after it. What prompted me to buy this was my concealer looking cakey at times, and this completely fixed the problem.

Now, which would I recommend to buy? Avo all the way. The Midnight Recovery Eye is good, don't get me wrong, and I still use it every night before bed. However, the Avo is more hydrating and could easily serve as both a day and night eye cream for someone with youthful skin. The moral of the story, besides the fact that Avo is still on point, is that I am hooked on Kiehl's!

Let me know what you think of these eye creams and what Kiehl's product I should try next!
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