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There really is no better way to spend a late, lazy Sunday morning than being nestled up in a cozy cafe with a hot coffee and tasty food - besides being in bed, of course! Since quitting meat I am constantly on the hunt for any restaurant that does vegan food really, really well - and this is one of them! With an exclusively vegan menu, you literally can't go wrong.

The thing that has always intrigued me most, yet I had never tried up until this point, was raw desserts. Something in my mind wasn't completely convinced about them as I have a huge sweet tooth with a penchant for chocolate. My opinion did a complete one-sixty after tasting this raw hedgehog slice! It tasted better than the real thing and I wouldn't lie as I am a former eye-roller to these kinds of claims. It was super fudgy, chocolatey and the texture was amazing. Paired with a soy latte it was the perfect start to a lazy sunday spent with friends.

What is your favourite way to spend Sunday?
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