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Moving back to Melbourne after eight months in Paris was an adjustment period I couldn't have prepared for. Being back here gave me a burning motivation to keep busy and get my life back on track after what felt like an eight month holiday. I got my studies in order, got a job and reconnected with everyone I had been missing while I was abroad. Now, two months later, I can safely say I have settled back into the rhythm of my Melbourne life, but in the best possible way.

My time abroad gave me the drive I needed to make the most of my life, which largely felt like a chore before hand. There isn't the monotony I felt like I was escaping in moving to Paris, something I feared would return as soon as I set foot on Australian soil. Instead, there is motivation and change - the daily grind of work and studying is no longer a depressing thought to me, as I can now see them as a means to an end.

While I miss Paris almost every day, I am glad to be back in many ways, especially when it comes to working and studying. Now that I have settled down and gotten back into the swing of things, I feel ready to return to blogging. It was always something on my mind, but I never found the time as I was readjusting. I can say with confidence, and not the half-hearted kind I expressed while I was overseas, that I am back. It's time for me to dust off my camera and get my brain whirring for some fresh content!

How is the mid-year treating you in terms of motivation and how do you stay focused? I'd love to know!
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