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This is a set of photos that I have had sitting on my desktop since January, and they are finally seeing the light of day! London was a dream, and naturally I could not visit the home of most of my favourite beauty bloggers and vloggers without picking up some products!

First, I picked up the L'Oreal Brow Artist Plumper. This product was available in Paris and is available in Melbourne, so this wasn't necessarily a London purchase. However, it was on offer in Boots so I couldn't resist! This is by far the best brow gel I have ever tried and it most definitely lives up to the hype surrounding it. The formula really is amazing and it does add a little bulk to my brows thanks to the fibres in the gel.

Next I naturally gravitated towards the Barry M polishes. They are so, so iconic that it was a no-brainer. I love dark, dark shades with a hint of another colour (Essie's 'Wicked' is ever present on my nails) so I really fell in love with the deep emerald shade. I was also feeling very Kardashian inspired, so I picked up a stunning royal blue after seeing Kylie rock it. These formulas really do live up to the hype, they last well and have an ultra glossy finish!

The next 'iconic' product that I could't pass up was naturally the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. As a complete and utter concealer fiend, I would not have been able to pass it up if I tried. This formula really is incredible, though I'm sure I don't need to say that - it's hyped for a reason! It isn't dry, yet it's still very covering. This shade is the lightest and is perfect for under the eyes!

While in London my mascara at the time met it's end, so I definitely took advantage of being close to Boots and picked up the L'Oreal telescopic. Again, this is an incredibly popular product that has countless rave reviews - I can only attest to these! This was incredibly lengthening but not clumpy at all. This is one of the best mascaras I've ever tried, which is saying a lot as I'm incredibly picky when it comes to mascara.

Last, but certainly not least, was the Collection Eyes Uncovered palette. Amelia Liana is completely responsible for this purchase, as I have heard her rave about these palettes countless times. The formulation really is stunning, super silky and not too shimmery at all! My only issue with this palette is that there isn't a matte shade, which would make this a perfect travel palette.

This turned out to be more of a 'trying hyped products' post rather than a straight haul! What are your favourite UK drugstore products?
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