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These past weeks have been a whirlwind of travel, work and school. A close friend I made while abroad in Europe made the long journey to Australia to visit me over her summer break, which called for a bit of touristing not only in my own city, but across the country. Sydney is such a stunning city and one I would love to relocate to if I do settle down in Australia. It has an atmosphere and an aesthetic that I adore and feel at home among, one that I can't quite locate in Melbourne. The beaches were stunning, the city was stunning - I just loved everything about it.

Bondi was a dream. As an Australian I feel like I have seen many, many beaches and had the idea it would just be another stretch of sand and pretty blue water and it both was and wasn't. The layout, the rocks, icebergs the pavilion - everything. Bondi was like no Aussie beach I had ever seen before, and I loved both laying out before splashing in the sea and meandering along the boardwalk chatting. It has a quintessential Australian beach town vibe while being so close to the CBD, which feels like home to me.

When I was abroad I did not see the true beauty of Australia, I most definitely thought Europe was endlessly more beautiful, cultured and perfect for living in. However, when I returned I felt an odd sense of pride that I had never felt for my country, and I think it took being away for me to appreciate it as much as I do now. While Europe is still somewhere I would love to live again, I now can see the appeal of Australia in a way I never could before.

What is your favourite place in Australia? Or where would you love to visit but have never been?
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