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'What's in my bag' posts and videos have a very special place in my heart as they were my first introduction to the online beauty community. I remember back in 2006 (for my sanity, let's not even reflect on how long ago that was) I would come home from school and spend my time watching these kinds of videos - namely rewatching as YouTube definitely didn't have the variety it does now back in the day. There is some addictive quality about them, and I'm sure everyone reading this has a similar story about their introduction to the beauty community, or simply an addiction to watching them!

My bag is from an Australian brand called Witchery and it has a striking resemblance to the Balenciaga mini city bag, which is exactly why I picked it up. The mini city bag is something I've had my eyes on for a long time now, but I'm fickle when it comes to bags and I wanted to make sure my love was everlasting before I made the jump. When it comes to the design of this bag my heart still has a little flutter every now and then, but in terms of size I'm still unsure - but that's another story. Now for what's in my bag...

Due to it's mini status my hoarder tendencies have diminished, and I've found myself being good about what I lug around. Of course there are the bare necessities such as my keys, my wallet and my Navigo card which is Paris' metro card.

The most important beauty item in my bag is definitely my Labello lip balm. The European winter has not been gentle to this Australian, and I find myself topping up my balm at all times so my matte lipstick wearing ability is not harshed.

Next comes the holy trinity, my Rimmel exhaggerate lipliner in 'East End Snob', the Sephora cream lip stain in shade '13' and the Maybelline colour elixir in 'Mauve Mystique'. Typically the gloss portion is left off, but when my lips are a little worse for wear or my matte lip is not sitting right, I add some of this and everything is right again!

I also have Velvet Teddy for good measure, as it's my favourite lipstick of all time and is with me regardless of whether I'm wearing it or not, and finally some powder and a mini real techniques powder brush to apply it.

The 'ETC' category in my bigger bags would most definitely be the largest, but luckily my junk is at a minimum this time around! Firstly, I have my Airwaves gum that I love so very much. I was never a gum chewer until I came to Paris and tried these babies for the first time. Luckily, they sell them back home as well so I'll never have to be without!

Next, gloves. I like wearing gloves about as much as I like wearing socks, which isn't a whole lot, but they were most definitely necessary this winter so I kept them in my bag at all times. These are actually a really cute pair from Galleries Lafayette with a cute bow on the wrist, so glove wearing wasn't all bad.

Headphones are an absolute essential on the Paris metro, or any metro really. There is a stereotype about the Parisians being near silent on the metro, and while this is true and an excited chatter does draw a lot of attention, the metro itself is loud. There have been times I've struggled to hear my friend over the churning and screeching. Also, if you'e like me and live in Boulogne, you definitely want some form of entertainment as those dark tunnels don't offer much of a view.

Finally, is my coin purse. This is a hand woven coin pouch from Mexico that one of my nearest and dearest friends I made on exchange gave to me before she went home to Mexico. I really cherish this piece and I love having it on me at all times, and with the crazy amount of coins the Euro currency has to offer I definitely need it.

I hope you've enjoyed taking a peek inside my bag as much as I love taking a peek inside other peoples! What is your first memory of a 'What's in my bag' - I'd love to know.
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