Paris So Far...

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I knew from the moment that I signed up for an exchange program that I was about to undertake a huge learning curve. However, nothing could of prepared me for how much I have learnt and simply how much has happened in just a matter of two weeks. I honestly feel like a different person and would highly recommend this experience to anyone already, and I'm still kind of in holiday mode!

The first few days were heaven on earth, exploring Paris and feeling very chic walking the streets and shopping the in the pharmacies. The first real speed bump was moving from my AirBNB to my student accommodation. This was the day I thought I would meet other exchange students and start interacting with human beings face to face as it had been three days since I left home. I did not cross one person in the halls that day and I felt very, very alone. That was the first down day I had in Paris, but I still forced myself out of the house and got over it.

I felt uplifted at my orientation day as I had this horrible sinking feeling that I wouldn't make a single friend, but it turned out that everyone was incredibly friendly and were just as eager to chat as I was. We made plans to hang out, and ever since the plans have just kept rolling. I feel like I have made some really great relationships just in a matter of weeks, which makes me so happy to think about.

The next speed bump came on a night out with a friend - long story short, my wallet was pickpocketed. It was horrifying as I was standing in a metro station alone approaching midnight with no way to pay for a ticket, but thankfully a really kind person stopped to help me which I am still so thankful for. Dealing with the police was the next issue as it was hard enough to let them know I wanted a police report done for insurance, let alone tell them the details. Luckily my amazing neighbour speaks French and he came with me to the station and helped me sort everything out - it was amazing for me to see such kindness come from people I've known for such a short amount of time.

So far, Paris has been a dream regardless of all the twists and turns that have happened since I arrived. I feel as though I have been living here for a year with just how much I have seen, learnt and done - but it's been so little time. I honestly cannot wait to see what the future holds as I'm having the best time of my life!
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