Rosy Glow

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Browsing the French's answer to the drugstore is always an exciting experience as even the products I know well have different packaging, and those products I don't recognise are usually incredibly exciting additions. The Dior Lip Glow is something I have lusted after forever, but I could never justify the purchase. I have seen a few affordable alternatives for this product, but the one that intrigued me most was this offering by L'Oreal - the universal lip glow.

I really didn't know what to expect with this one as there was no tester when I spied it for the first time and I picked it up on a complete whim. It has that classic balmy texture that is hydrating on the lips, but isn't super thick braving the elements type hydration, which makes it perfect for everyday use. As for the colour, it really does adapt depending on your lip shade, as in the swatch above it appears so much paler than it would if I applied it to my lips.

This is the perfect addition to my lip product collection as I don't have anything quite like it, which is rare for me as I usually buy the same lipstick shades over and over! I really recommend this one if you're interested in the Dior Lip Glow!

Have your tried a dupe like this?
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