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I only have a small collection of MAC lipsticks, each one carefully picked to ensure that I would not regret the purchase. What I realised about my collection is that it's comprised of shades that are neutral enough for everyday, but are also more 'out there' than a true everyday shade. I adore Velvet Teddy possibly the most, but sometimes you're not in the mood for a straight up matte-brown lip and want something more lively and fresh. This is what prompted me to go hunting, along with the 19 euro price point which makes MAC lipsticks almost as affordable as the Sephora own brand - which to an Australian is heaven. 

I tried to go in with an open mind and not gravitate towards the favourites, so I did a blind swatch test of sorts and only looked at the shade name after I had decided how I felt about the colour. In the end it came down to 'Brave' and 'Mehr', which definitely went against my idea of avoiding the most popular shades. Finally I settled on Brave, as it's still a rich and creamy shade but isn't a true matte being a Satin formula. Brave is a stunning, everyday pink that looks almost natural on the lips. It's definitely much more pink than I have gone in the past, which is an odd choice for at the start of Autumn, but it definitely ticks all the boxes I had in my mind. It's just a lipstick that gives you a healthy look, which is exactly what I was going for! 

What is your favourite MAC shade of all time?

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