This Week #1

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"The Sunday Post" is one of my favourites to write as it's just so chatty, impromptu and can be about whatever is on my mind. However, I don't always get a chance to write it on the Sunday and I feel so strange writing it on a Monday even if it is still Sunday for the rest of the world. That is why I have decided to include a "This Week" feature on my blog, so I have another source of chattiness that isn't restricted to my Sunday time slot. So without anymore rambling (though isn't that the point?), this week I...

1. Went to the snow for the first time!
After some severe disappointment that snow isn't guaranteed in Paris, my boyfriend decided that I should see the snow before I leave just incase. We went to a mountain about an hours drive out of the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, and while there wasn't a ton of snow, there was enough to mess around in for a couple of hours. It was so fun and very different to what I expected - apparently Australia doesn't get fluffy snow, how sad! Regardless, it was such a fun day and we managed to spy a hot jam donuts van on the way home which is always amazing and only added to the cosiness of it all! 

2. Had a "get my s**t together" epiphany!
Realising that there are only twenty days until I leave the country for four months was a really good way to get me into gear. Yesterday was spent on my bedroom floor with documentation and itineraries spread out around me as I tried to come to terms with what I had done and what I still had to do. Thankfully, I realised my to do lists were compiled of many small tasks, so I haven't left anything major until the last minute which is always a relief! 

3. Was pho crazy!
Okay, this is almost every week but I feel like the cravings are stronger now than ever! After two weeks without pho due to some busy times and bad scheduling between my boyfriend and I, it was a relief to finally get some on Saturday night! As I type this I'm dreaming of the pho I will be having tonight with a girlfriend, so I'm definitely making up for lost time!

What did you get up to this week?

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