The Perfect Product For Ashy Brows

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Anyone with ashy brows will know what I mean when I say brow products are never quite right. More often then not they are too warm, even if they do appear cool toned in colouring, and can even look straight up red once applied.

I had an epiphany when I read a tip off that some of the Maybelline Colour Tattoos work for brows when on the hunt for an Anastasia Pomade dupe, it was so obvious - but then I remembered that Australia still has only the original collection. A little more digging and I saw someone recommending 'Tough as Taupe" for people with ashier hair, which I didn't fully believe as I had stored it away as it was a little too grey for my liking. Once I applied it, however, I was in love!

As my hair is a medium, ashy blonde I think my brows look best when they are a few shades darker than my hair - which is exactly what this product provided, even though I was a little skeptical due to it being so light in the pot. With a softer application I don't doubt that this could be lightened, but if you have very, very fair hair I'm not too sure how this would work.

The same effects apply as with the colour tattoos being used as shadows - they last forever and are completely waterproof. The fact that they resist water so well is a huge plus in my eyes, as when summer rolls around I won't have to forgo my brows when it comes to swimming or the beach. Even with this long-wearing formula I still like to finish my brows with my Maybelline Brow Drama as the hairs can get a little stuck down from the Colour Tattoo and this gives back the dimension it looses. It is by no means a necessary step, however.

If you can find a Colour Tattoo that matches your brows, definitely give this trick a try!
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