What's In My Bag?

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I had always been the kind of person who loves to lug their life around with them in their bag, a master of the "just in case" justifications we make on packing seemingly crazy items - because hey, that bottle of glasses cleaner will definitely come in handy if I smudge my glasses. However, after condensing my wallet into my tiny Mimco pouch I started only carrying that around with me and realised how much lighter and better I felt for it. If you are someone who wants to convert to a more minimalist, everyday, bag think of this post as a rough guide on how to get there.

It is not always possible to get away with just your phone and a pouch, so that is where my Zara mini croc bucket bag comes in. I have had this bag for a long while now and did a post on it when I first got it. It's small enough that I don't pack anything unnecessary, but it's also big enough to fit everything I do need. There is nothing worse than a stuffed bag, so I find this the perfect in between. Usually I steer clear from anything white, but due to the texture of the leather I actually haven't had any issues with staining or dye from dark jeans transferring, which is amazing.

Now onto what I keep in my bag... I have really reassessed what I need with me at all times and this could be a helpful starting point for anyone looking to condense their oversized, overstuffed bag. I won't pretend that I don't shove things in here that I don't need or that a pile of eight lip products doesn't tend to collect in the bottom, but I am much better than I was and this is still a work in progress.

On A Day To Day Basis...
  • My Mimco Pouch - This comes with me everywhere, bag or no bag. It has my bank cards, my drivers license, along with a couple of loyalty cards that I find myself actually using, such as my Priceline club card - if you have loyalty cards that you never use, get rid of them!
  • Lip Products - my lip product of the moment, which has been Velvet Teddy and Rimmel's Exaggerate lip liner in  'Addiction', comes with me for touch ups or when I forget to apply it in the morning - I won't pretend that more than two sometimes find their way in here, but I make sure to clear them out when they pile up.
  • A lip balm - I think is a must have for any bag because it's horrible to need lip balm and be without. I am currently using this Baby Lips Candy Wow balm in Peach which is a great thing to carry around as it's both moisturising and adds a hint of colour to the lips.
  • A mini notebook - For anyone this is a must. A place to jot down blog ideas, shopping lists - whatever.
  • Glasses - If I forget these I am near useless, so I have to make sure they're with me at all times. Sunglasses are another thing that is great to carry around, especially if where you live is as unpredictable as Melbourne!
  • Keys - Another essential, you usually won't get too far without these. 
Obviously for longer days I love to take a bag big enough to carry around my water bottle, snacks, deodorant, my planner and all of those things we tend to need when we're out all day. However, I think for a day to day basis when you're running out for a short period of time or to somewhere where you just don't need a lot of stuff, a minimalistic mini bag is definitely the way to go.

What kind of bag do you tend to carry around?
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