ASOS Wishlist: Travel Edition

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It's been a long, long time since I have compiled an ASOS wishlist but with travel on the horizon I have found myself looking for some staples to take with me on my adventures. I have mainly been on the hunt for a thick winter coat, as an Australian I am by no means prepared for a European winter, and some basic, roll neck sweaters for everyday wear - everyone seems to be wearing them, but I can't find any I'm in love with in store!


A big winter coat is a must, especially in Europe so I have been on the prowl for one that I love. I think a camel coat is so diverse and adds a pop of colour to my usually monochrome outfits, albeit a neutral pop of colour. I have also been looking for some fancier boots as my staple pair now are chunky and utilitarian and while I love that look it's not perfect for every outfit. I love the cutouts with these as it just adds some interest and a modern touch to a plain pair of black boots. Okay, I might already have an excess of bags, but this one is just too cute! I have been loving mini bags lately and I think for exploring the city something this small would be perfect as I hate feeling weighed down! As for the roll necked dress, need I say more? It's stunning! 


I already have a couple of slouchy grey sweaters that I adore, and I definitely don't need this one but I definitely want it nonetheless. Another mini bag that I do not need as my collection is growing, but something about this one is just so cute even if it's not at all practical! I'm not sure what I would fit in here besides my phone, but it's adorable. Something about these boots just seem so comfortable while still being incredibly cool, which is perfect for exploring and mass walking expeditions. I am by no means a skirt person, but something about this one just screamed to me - Autumn!


Okay, these are not pug elbow patches ASOS, but good try - regardless, this is such an adorable piece and while I love pugs a little more, frenchies are still up there for me. I always see girls with these super chic passport cases and while I feel they are a little impractical as you need to fish the passport out for scanning, I do really love the idea that my passport won't get bent or crushed in the meantime. Another grey jumper that needs no explanation... I'm addicted! Finally, I have been wanting a cute playsuit to just throw on as they seem so easy and fun to wear. It will be summer for a few weeks while I'm there, so I could potentially get some use out of this?

Do you love any of these pieces?

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