The Hyper Sharp Liner

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I believe that we all have a strong point when it comes to makeup, one part of our routine we feel especially confident in - mine is winged liner. It might be mostly down to the fact that I have a steady hand and a few years of practice, but it's what I feel good about and can do in record time without the need for tidying up. That being said, I have found a liner which makes things even easier for me, and would be perfect for beginners.

The Maybelline Hyper Sharp liner is designed in a way that gives it the usual thickness a liner of this format has, but also an incredibly thin edge that achieves that "hyper sharp" wing we all want. My previous favourite liner the Master Precise, also by Maybelline, had all of the things that the Hyper Sharp liner has except it's tip would wear down and make achieving a sharp wing impossible. Maybelline have essentially improved upon this concept, by providing a brush tip that avoids the problem the Master Precise liner had. The incredibly thin tip also makes it easy to get right down to the lash line and into the inner corner, where a thin line is crucial.

Formula wise, it is thin yet opaque and glides onto the eyes with ease. This is definitely a long-wearing formula that does not smudge or transfer and most definitely doesn't flake. Essentially, its the perfect liner for me. I have worn it for full, eight hour days and clubbing and both times it was still intact by the end which speaks for itself.

I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new liner! What is your favourite?
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