The Sunday Post: Fear Of Flying

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As I sit here tapping away a quick post before picking up my sister and spending this Sunday with her, there is a constant anxiety that comes and goes. Today marks the one month point until my departure to Paris, and while my last post expressed how I was confused that I wasn't feeling any anxiety at all, it's safe to say that the reality has finally hit.

There are small things, like the worries of not making friends, navigating the metro, speaking French and missing people back home unbearably. However, these I can manage and I am sure will disintegrate once I am actually in Paris and come to grips with the changes. However, there is one major task that I think about constantly and fills me with pure dread each time, and it is something completely unavoidable - the plane ride.

I have not flown for many years, and as a child I had that pure sense of invincibility. A plane was fun and mystical, a giant flying can that took us miles away - plus I was young enough to still get a colouring book and pencils to entertain myself. All of this included, I was only ever on the plane for three hours max, which is definitely very manageable, even to me now. The round trip to Paris from Australia is 26 hours, and that number is incomprehensible to me but will surely be very real at the time.

My request to anyone reading this is to give me your best long-haul flight advice. If you too have a fear of flying, or even just feel uncomfortable, please share how you cope with it and make it bearable.
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