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I have been making much more of an effort to post on my Instagram the past few months and wanted to write a quick post highlighting that I have an Instagram and to share what you might have missed! I am someone who is constantly on Instagram stalking through all of the beautiful photos everyone takes, but I just don't find myself posting!

1. I love this tree so much, they are like ever-blooming cherry blossoms.

2. A shot from my 'What's In My Bag' post earlier this month.

3. Nutella donuts from the famous shop in Melbourne! They were definitely worth the hype.

4. There has been a whole lot of travel-prep going on and I have loved pouring through Paris guides.

5. My pug slippers have been my absolute favourite this winter.

6. Some new Maybelline products that launched in Australia recently that I was incredibly excited by.

7. My pug mug that is as big as my head - are you seeing a theme here? (Hint: It's pugs.)

8. The stunning tulips my boyfriend got me - they are my favourite flower by far.

9. Some succulents at the Victoria Market! I love going there for donuts and to stalk plant stalls.

My Instagram can be found here, @nueyorkblog! What's yours?
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