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While this has to be one of LUSH's most popular products and probably speaks for itself by now, I couldn't help but add more to the countless positive reviews behind the Twilight bath bomb. For a long, long time I didn't give into the LUSH hype. I felt like paying $6 to make your bath look pretty was putting money down the drain (literally) and just didn't see myself buying them. However, for my birthday I was gifted a couple of their bath products and was excited to be able to try them!

Twilight is an amazing lavender based scent that makes you relaxed entirely. This one is ideal for nighttime baths and you are guaranteed to feel drowsy as you take in the calming scent, especially paired with the steaming water. It creates a good amount of bubbles, but once these subside you are left with shimmering, lavender water that really does look like a galaxy. I found myself sitting there watching the swirling glitter in a trance. It was just unlike anything I had ever seen before.

Up to this point, the bath bomb was completely what I expected but I really was starting to be sucked in. I did not, however, expect there to be such a silky and moisturising quality to the water. It is hard to explain, but the texture of the water changed completely and it just felt nourishing. My skin felt so lovely afterwards!

If you'e like me and have held off, I really recommend Twilight as a great starter! What is your favourite LUSH product?
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