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Yesterday I turned 21! This is something I've almost been dreading, but in another way it is quite exciting - I guess. Progressing through my twenties is something I think about a lot, but I really am just at the beginning and need to stop worrying so much about it. I had an amazing birth-weekend, full of everything and everyone that I love the most. Birthdays always seem to be a very reflective time, so I decided to compile a list of 21 things I have learnt in my 21 years...

1. You need to take risks and step out of your comfort zone, no matter how hard it is, as this is where some of life's best experiences happen.

2. There is nothing wrong with wanting to stay home when everyone else is out - you're better off at home than being out and inwardly-grouchy.

3. Take time for you, no matter how busy you are - it's what's important.

4. If you don't want to do something, say no.

5. Being confrontational is necessary sometimes, and no matter how scary it is biting the bullet and
saying what you need to say is so much better than bottling it all up.

6. Do what you love in excess.

7. Don't feel guilty for cutting out the people in your life who don't bring good into it.

8. There is such a thing as too much chocolate and while it may be good for the soul, it's not good for you.

9. People sometimes are genuinely busy - don't take it personally.

10. Everyone is just as confused as you about the future, you look just as put together as they do to you.

11. Your marks will not always reflect the time and effort you put into studying and this does not mean you're dumb.

12. You don't like everyone so not everyone is going to like you no matter how nice you think you are to them.

13. Time spent doing what you love is never time wasted, even if you are procrastinating.

14. Getting enough of both sleep and water is as important as people make out.

15. How much you care and put into you relationships is one of your best qualities but know when you need to step back and focus on yourself.

16. It is never too late to reach out to someone. It might have been a year or even years, but you probably still have the same things in common as you used to.

17. People drift apart and sometimes there is nothing you can do about it. This isn't a reflection on what kind of person you are.

18. All relationships are give and take, know when you are doing too much of either.

19. Get out of the house as much as possible, no ones mental state profits from being cooped up.

20. It's okay to fail - everything in life is a learning experience whether it's for better or for worse.

21. Getting older shouldn't be this scary! Take everyday as it comes and stop focusing on the numbers.

What is the biggest lessen you've learnt over the years?
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