The Chocolate Bar Palette

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Naturally, as a complete chocolate fiend, the chocolate bar palette has been on my radar since it's release. My amazing sister got me a Mecca Cosmetica voucher for my birthday and I finally let myself pick it up. When I got back into my car I hurriedly, but oh-so delicately, unboxed it and I swear I heard the angels sing as I took in that cocoa scent!

The Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette is a neutral palette that is definitely on the warmer side. Most of the shadows are intensely buttery, bar from a couple that have detectable glitter in them. Naturally, these are a little grittier in texture and aren't as smooth as the other shades, but they don't suffer at all in the pigmentation department. The matte shadows in this palette are what make it for me. I am such a huge matte eye lover, and the shades they selected are just perfect. My favourite shade in the whole palette has to be 'Salted Caramel', which is a warm peanut-buttery colour that looks beautiful in the crease or all over the lid.

When it comes to the shade selection Too Faced made when putting this palette together, I really don't find it to be laking anything and think it is perfectly balanced. There is a great selection of crease and transition shades, highlights, allover-lid shades, a couple pops of neutral-colour and a dark brown for any deepening of looks you may want to do. There are definitely a couple of shades I don't see myself using much, such as the purple and pink, but I would not say that there is a dud shade in the palette which is definitely rare.

Something that really impressed me about this pallete is the lack of kick up. It bothers me so much when I find myself tapping off and blowing away as much product as I'm applying to my eyes. It's wasteful, and when a pan is as small as shadows in a palette, you don't want to be tearing through the product at such a rapid pace. With mattes especially I find this to be a common issue, but in this palette they are just as silky as the glistening metallics.

It's needless to say I find the packaging incredible, the chocolate bar design just makes me so happy! I will say that I really do wish the shades were written on the palette itself, but I believe they've amended this recently. The magnetic closure, which I actually enjoy for ease of access, is not ideal for travel but is easily worked around so long as the palette isn't just floating around.

I highly recommend this to anyone looking for an incredible, neutral palette that has everything they need in one place! Have you tried the chocolate bar palette?
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