Parlez Vous Français?

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I mentioned briefly awhile ago that I would be participating in a semester-long exchange program, but now that everything is all booked and confirmed, I finally feel ready to talk about it. I have an acute fear of sharing big news like this before it's 99.9% confirmed, just incase it falls through, but at this stage it's definitely 99.9%. I will be leaving Australia in mid-August to start the Fall semester in Paris!

The first thing people always ask me when they find out is "are you scared?". I've never lived on my own, been overseas or travelled alone before and doing all three of these things at once while studying as well is definitely daunting. Because my departure is still 10 weeks away, there is that mental wall still in my head that's almost telling me this isn't real, so I'm numb to the feelings of anxiety I would expect myself to feel - for the moment at least. The only thing that's worrying me at this point is the inevitable long haul flight, which from Australia is a grand total of 24 hours, and not speaking French well.

I feel like there is a wave that is going to hit, but I don't know when or how strong it will be. It seems almost impossible that I can have this level of calm, because honestly, I am completely chilled out right now and it's scary to me. This is a huge change, and while it is a thousand times more exciting than anything else, I feel like there should be at least some worry.

If you have ever done something remotely similar and had these kinds of feelings I would love to hear about it! Even just some general long-haul flight tips would be amazing.
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