Mauve Addiction

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As a reformed blush-phobe I have never really had the chance to get into the deeper, mauve-toned blushes you see making their circulation every time winter rolls around - until this year. When the Max Factor Creme Puff blushes launched here in Australia, the stalls seemed to be forever cleared of them, which was no surprise to me as they seem to be everywhere in the blogging world lately, but I finally managed to get my hands on 'Lavish Mauve', the shade I'd been hunting for.

It was love at first swatch when I realised how little pigment this gives off, which might sound funny, but that is exactly how I like my blushes. You definitely need to dunk your brush in the pan a few times, but there is no kick-up and when you tap off you brush you don't see a flurry of powder falling to the floor. Tearing through powdery products because half of the product ends up blown from the pan or tapped away is something that can really bother me about a product, so I was pleased to see this is quite a solid powder. I've used this every day for a week or two and it looks untouched.

While it's lack of pigment upon swatching might be a turn off for some, once applied to your cheeks it is definitely there and does not take too long to build up at all. This is the perfect blush for someone who is daunted by colour, especially one this deep, as it's almost impossible to go overboard unless you're swirling manically in the pan!

These are such lovely blushes and highly recommend them to anyone who has been wanting to give them a go! I definitely want to expand my collection and perhaps pick up one of the more pinky shades, and I really hope Max Factor expand their shade range as well.

Have your tried the Max Factor Creme Puff blushes? What is your favourite wintery blush?
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