Taking Time For You

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One of the things I find hardest is knowing when to put myself first and take some much needed 'me time'. It usually gets to near breaking point before I take this time, and I know if I did a little each night I would be in a much better state. I know we all get like this, and it is something we have to learn, but these are the things I like to do to unwind and get myself back on track.

Write it Down
Sometimes my feelings get so balled up inside and I just don't want to vent to a friend. Writing it down physically or in a word document makes me feel so refreshed by the end. The best part about writing in a blank word document is that you can pour your heart out and delete it, so there is no chance anyone will ever see it.

Pamper Evening
These are so, so great for recharging your batteries and making you feel at peace when life is hectic. I try to do one every sunday night, but unfortunately it doesn't always happen. I have vowed to take more baths as well, but I'm definitely still working on that too. Even just a long shower and a facemask can do the trick if you don't have a ton of time up your sleeves.

Turn Off
Turning off your phone and taking the time to do something for you is so important. In the midst of reading or writing I will get a notification and become completely distracted, so sometimes it is necessary (and healthy) to shut the world out. I like to give myself a bit of time before bed just to me, but I really do want to apply it more throughout the day.

Get Out of the House
I find being in the house working or studying can make me feel anxious, so going for a quick walk or drive can do wonders for me. I often like to just go for a drive to the shops and look around alone for an hour or two if I have time, or run errands and leave my phone at home. Having time where your mind is focused on simple tasks with no distractions is so refreshing.

When you're having this time to unwind, it's good to try and realise why you are feeling like you need this so much. It might be like me where you just don't give yourself enough "me time" during the week, or it might be something a little more sinister. If things are truly overwhelming for you, you may need to reassess and work on these things a little more seriously.

What do you do when you need to refresh?
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