Three Things: Affordable Brushes

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I have been working on building my makeup brush collection recently after realising it was missing a few key components. I put myself on a semi-spending ban so I decided to go for some cheaper alternatives to see how they worked out.

EcoTools Large Powder Brush
EcoTools is the first brand of makeup brushes I ever bought, so it's needless to say they have a soft spot in my heart. Their brushes are of an incredibly high quality, them having lasted for almost four years now and are leaving my pricier Sigma brushes in the dust. This is perfect for a dusting of powder as it's super fluffy.

ELF Blending Eye Brush
This was the brush that surprised me the most! For $3 I didn't have high expectations, but I figured I would find a use for it regardless. There was no need to because it worked perfectly as a blending brush! It blends out my shadows seamlessly and I'll definitely be picking up another one or two to have some clean blenders on hand.

Real Techniques Setting Brush
I didn't realise what a big difference this bush would make until I had it. For years I set my under eyes with just a normal powder brush, but now that I've been using my banana powder from my contour kit more I decided it was time to invest. This is so, so perfect and applies the lightest amount of powder to the under eye. It is never cakey or too much, and gets the product exactly where you want it.

What is your favourite affordable brush?
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