Tumblr Inspo #4

Another collection of images I've been loving lately. I keep trying to justify these posts because they do feel a little slack at times, but I've been getting such lovely comments as a response to them. As you can see, I've definitely had travel on my mind again when it comes to what images stand out to me. I don't want to say too much on this right now because I hate talking about things until they're one hundred percent booked, paid for and at the point of no return - I feel like I'm jinxing it otherwise.

I've also been finding myself looking at a lot of tattoo inspiration blogs as well. They are a thing I've always wanted but an idea I love hasn't come to me yet. My master plan was always to get one as soon as I was able to, but two years have passed and I still don't have one! It's something I'm constantly thinking about, I feel like I need a major event to happen in my life to justify it, which is silly! A lot of people have a lot of different opinions when it comes to tattoos and I for one love them. The crystal one featured above is so stunning, I've seen a lot of gorgeous amethyst toned watercolour style tattoos and have loved every one of them. For me, I'd love a smaller, subtler piece but I love admiring them all the same.

As always, there's a member of the Kardashian/Jenner family thrown in the mix! I can't help my obsession, they're all so gorgeous and the show gives me life. Kendall looks amazing in this photoshoot she did recently, and has been killing it with her outfit choices for her and Kylie's book tour this month!

Back off to studying I go, I hope those of you in the same boat are coping. My exams are so drawn out compared to my friends, they finish at the end of the week while I still have another full week after that to go.

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  1. I am still hunting for more tattoo inspiration for my wrist. :D brilliant post!

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  2. Such amazing pictures, great inspiration!

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  3. Great pictures. I haven't on Tumblr in ages. Definitely inspired me to revisit it. :)


  4. lovely pictures, especially those tattoos! I don't really use tumblr much, probably because im bombared with pretty models everytime i go on and end up clicking off straight away and crying into my ben n jerry's haha. Kendall is way too pretty, it isn't even fair how incredible she is :(

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  5. Ahh, Kendall is just flawless, great photos!



  6. It can get a bit like that, but it's such a great way to gather inspiration and just waste time looking at pretty things!

  7. Follow a whole slew of new, stunning blogs and you'll be right back into it!

  8. Thank you! And I know, hunting to tattoo inspiration is so fun.