My Collection #3: Sigma Brushes


The first year of me doing my makeup was a ton of sponge tip applicators, fingers and one very average brush that was used for all of my powder products. These were the dark ages of my makeup life and I soon found myself searching for something more - dramatic huh? It wasn't something I wanted to splurge on, but I did want good quality, so I decided that Sigma's Mr Bunny Travel Kit was a good place to start and get a feel for what Sigma as a brand has to offer.

For $75 you receive seven brushes and one of Sigma's classic travel cases. One thing to note is that these brushes are "travel sized" but I personally prefer shorter handles and haven't noticed substantial brush head sizing difference except when it comes to the powder and contour brush, which again, doesn't bother me but is definitely something to consider.

The face brushes included are the F30 Large Powder, F40 Large Angled Contour and F60 Foundation. My favourite of these is the powder brush as it distributes just the right amount of product on the face and buffs it in seamlessly, plus, it's super soft and feels great on the skin. The angled brush is the perfect size for contouring, but is a little on the small side when it comes to blush. I don't find myself reaching for the foundation brush, but this is solely because I hate all paddle brushes. It could be the best paddle brush in the world and I still probably wouldn't take to it.

The eye brushes are my favourite part of this collection and are everything you need to make a gorgeous look. These are the  E30 Pencil, E40 Tapered Blending, E55 Eye Shading and the E65 Small Angle. My favourite is the blending brush, it really makes a huge difference to your eye looks and is the one brush you need if you want your eyeshadow to look flawless. Another notable brush is the small angle which I use every single day for my brows and it does an amazing job! The pencil and shader are great too, but there's not much to say on them except that they do their job.

The brushes in this kit were perfectly selected and truly cover all the bases, especially on a travel front which is what it's designed for. I really don't find myself reaching for anything out of this kit except for my EcoTools blush brush and my Real Techniques multitasker for my base. This is a great kit for beginners or someone wanting a taste of the brand without committing to the full sets.
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  1. I have yet to try Sigma brushes but I need to! I hear nothing but amazing things about them!

  2. Oh thanks for sharing this. I have been using rubbish brushes and wanting to try out some new ones, I'll have to see if you can get these in the UK! They look lovely and you've captured them in photo form perfectly!

    Corinne x

  3. Thank you for this useful information! I've always wanted to buy some sigma brushes, and these sound lovely.

    Melane | Pure Perspective

  4. No problem! Definitely pick some up, they're well worth it!

  5. Going from rubbish brushes to Sigma is a dream!

  6. They are so great for the price!

  7. I've been having a bit of a moment with Real Technique brushes lately, but Sigma ones are definitely on my list! And this kit looks like a perfect way to start!

    Beth. x

    Sometimes The Stars