The Futuristic Trend: Clear Clutch


Exam week starts this coming Monday, so as you can imagine I've been spending most of my days studying and drinking cups and cups of coffee. I thought I'd drop in quickly before bed to write a post on a trend you will know I'm loving if you're a reader of my blog - the futuristic trend. This encompasses everything clear, holographic or that just has that super modern edge to it. I just find pieces in this genre very unique, simple, and most of all, eye-catching.

My favourite piece I own that fits into this trend is my clear clutch. These have been around for awhile, but my love for them has stayed strong. It took me a long time to find a design  I was happy with and when I did I bought it instantly! This one comes with a long golden chain so I can wear it as a shoulder bag if I want, but I find myself leaning more towards rocking it as a clutch because it's so small and light.

A lot of people are daunted by the idea of onlookers being able to see every little thing you're carrying around, and I was too, but this particular design came with a black pouch that slips inside and fits anything you wouldn't want others being able to scope out such as your ID, money and phone. With this security measure in place you're free to display your cuter items such as your sunglasses and lipstick, like I have, and really make the clutch personalised.

Are you loving the futuristic trend as much as me?
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  1. This clutch is so adorable! It reminds me of Muji organizers, but in handbag form... Where did you find this?

  2. this is so chic! i LOVE your blog it's so interesting!

    it would mean so much if you followed me on bloglovin, but dont feel obliged :) xx

  3. Thank you! I'll check out your blog right now.


  4. I got mine at Target, but do a quick search online and you'll find something similar!

  5. ooh love the clutch!

    from helen at

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  6. I love this! I really wanted to get one but I felt kinda awkward letting the whole world see what's in my bag but the black pouch really sold me!

  7. The black pouch is what sold me! It's just an eye-catching piece all around!