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Last week I got one of those compulsions that force you to sort through your beauty stash and re assess the products you've taken out of the everyday rotation. My makeup collection isn't huge, so often if things are thrown out of the exclusive makeup bag club it's because I don't like them or because I've found something better to replace it. This is a tiny little collection of the products that didn't fit the aforementioned categories and I'd stopped using for reasons that now seem silly to me. When you get into a makeup "rut" and you don't want to go out and buy new products, a rummage through your old stuff can leave you with some gems and make your look feel fresh!

1. Garnier Miracle Skin Perfecter
This was my very first makeup product when at the ripe old age of eighteen I decided it was time to try out this makeup stuff. I don't think I really appreciated how good this product was at the time because I was so new to it all and hadn't tried anything to compare it to. This is an amazing BB cream and one of my favourite bases. It blends into the skin to the point that it's questionable as to whether it's actually there, but once you see how bright and even your complexion is you know it's doing it's job! They make an oil-free formula now, which I need to pick up, but with this particular one you definitely need some powder as it's very, very dewy and just gets even more so during the day.

2. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind: Dark Circle Eraser
I bought this back when it first came out because I was quite curious about the packaging and anything that claims to help dark circles will find its way into my collection at some point. I loved this up until I got my MAC concealers (moisture cover and pro longwear), which are still unbeatable, but the current hype of this product made me try it again to remember what it was like. I love it even more than I used to as it blends in much easier than my pro longwear, which is perfect for days that I don't want to spend much time on my makeup but want something under my eyes. As for it's correcting properties, I'm with those who say they can't see a difference, but as a standalone concealer this is definitely worth the hype.

3. Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner
I have been a pen liquid liner girl since the start. I love nothing more than clean, clear lines when it comes to my eyes and smudgy pencils just weren't cutting it for me. My friend raved about this product, so when I saw it on sale I thought "why not" and added it to my basket. Because I was so used to how simple liner pens are, I found this annoying to use and definitely gave up before I got any real technique down. However, my pens dry up so quickly because I use them so often and buying a new one every month or two is adding up, so I decided to give gel a try because people's pots seem to last forever.
I still need to build up an application technique, but the amount of product you use is incredible. I only scrape the surface of the pot super lightly and have enough liner for the majority of my eye. This is something you have to build up once you have your initial shape down, but that's no issue if you have some time. I still opt for my liquid pen when I'm in a rush, though.

What are some old products you've found in your collection and ended up falling in love with all over again?

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  1. I tried the garnier bb cream but this in particular was not right for my skin type. I decided to try the oil free formula and it is A M A Z I N G!! :)

  2. I adore my garnier bb cream though reading this had made me realise I havn't used it since last summer.

    I think i'll dig it out ready for this coming summer.

    I find it to be such great coverage for a bb cream yet it feels so light on my skin.

  3. That is exactly why I love it, there is nothing worse than being able to feel foundation on the skin!

  4. I'm glad to hear it, I'll definitely pick it up when my old tube runs out!

  5. I love the maybelline concealer too!! Definitely a product that I make sure I always have on me. I also have to start getting into gel liners, I've heard they're so much easier but it's hard to pull away from a liquid eyeliner! Haha

    The Sunday Chapter xxx

  6. I just find the pigmentation of a liquid eyeliner so hard to ditch!