Study Essentials


Studying isn't fun, which is something I think we can all agree on. There are definitely ways to make it more exciting, but I don't think I will ever enjoy trying to cram all that work into just a week or two. I've gotten my studying essentials down to a tee, even if my study skills aren't so refined - you can't win them all!

Coffee is first and foremost, if you're a coffee person. Some teas offer a boost of caffeine too, but I personally love the taste of coffee and it's my first choice when I need a pick me up. I like to wake up in the morning and have a coffee before I even think about working, let it do it's thing and sometimes it's enough. Other times, I sip away while I work, but the first of the day is always the best!

When it comes to stationary you need to go hard or go home, in my eyes. I love buying cute notebooks, pens, sticky notes - you name it. Kate Spade's offerings are magical, but Typo and Target have amazing pieces too that will making your work look adorable.

Snacks are key for me, next to coffee. Chocolate is my go to study snack because I'm a chocoholic and it just makes me happy. If you want to opt for something more healthy, feel free. I'd recommend something you can nibble on so you can eat consistently through working without feeling guilty.

Finally, a little random but oh so important to me, bed socks! If it's hot, I'll opt out of these, but they just give me such a warm feeling of contentment. They keep me warm and calm while I'm realising how much work I still have to go.

What are your must haves when the study period comes around?
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  2. Thank you so much for the kind words! This really means a lot to me.