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A gorgeous rich and dark lip has to be one of my favourite makeup looks of all time. For the past two years now I've been trying to find the lipstick and liner that are just right for me in terms of colour and formulation, and I'm glad to say that I have finally found them! Combined, this liner and lipstick create a lip dark enough to give that edge I'm looking for, but also red enough that it can be worn in a multitude of ways. The products in question? MAC's lipliner in 'Burgundy' and lipstick in 'Sin'. Now, aside from that perfect deep, oxblood colour I was looking for - these two provide a lovely matte but non-drying finish as well.

An issue people often have with dark lips (especially if they're matte) is that they feel they don't suit them, but with a haphazard application and no prep they don't suit anyone! It's all about prepping the lips with a scrub if necessary and giving them a little moisture. This is a great step to do during your skincare routine so the balm has time to settle while you're doing your makeup. A liner is key too, as a precise border and lovely shape is really what makes or breaks a dark lip. I like to fill my entire lip in with the liner and then dab my lipstick on afterwards - I find that dragging lipsticks this matte can leave too much product on the lips and creates that "dry" look right from the beginning.

What is your favourite vampy lip?
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