Burgundy Times Nine

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As much as I've heard the complimentary colour rules over and over in the beauty world, the idea of anything red toned around my eyes never appealed to me. Picking up a super affordable burgundy Kiko shadow some months ago on the insistence of a friend, I fell in love with not only the way the shadow looked but how much greener it made my eyes appear - it really was like magic! That's how I came to find myself considering a palette full of these warm, russety shades at a MAC store in the depths of Paris.

The MAC Burgundy Time Nine palette is comprised of nine miniatures of their permanent collection shadows. Upon looking at this palette there are the obvious selections, such as the entire bottom row, but there are also nudes and golds thrown in for good measure. I find that the non-burgundy shades have been selected perfectly and create a perfect balance that takes the palette from day to night and leaves the user with a multitude of looks on hand. The shades in this palette are as follows;

Honey Lust - a stunning gold shade that looks perfect on the centre of the lids with a deeper, brown toned red in the crease. This is a really great addition to this palette to 'neutral' it out.

Poppyseed - a mauve toned nude with a very slight shimmer to it, perfect for all over the lid or to blend out some deeper shades.

Quarry - An incredibly similar to Poppyseed, however less mauve, more taupe and a definite matte.

Antiqued - An iconic shade and one I was glad to finally get my hands on! It's a copper toned brown that is incredibly shimmery, another one that's great as a central focus on the lids.

Embark - Another cult classic I was excited to try out! This is a true matte, dark brown that is great in the crease or to create some strong definition on the outer v. This shade is what I use to deepen up any eye look I create with the rest of the palette.

#Noir - A stunning black with coppery gold reflects in it. I find that the glitter doesn't show up too much in this shadow, which I honestly prefer as I tend to use it in the outer v to deepen up my looks further.

Haux - One of my favourite shadows in the whole palette, which I never would have expected. It's a mauve toned, matte nude that is perfect all over the lid, blended into the crease or even as a one-shade-wonder colour all over the eye. I honestly can't imagine my makeup collection without this colour.

Star Violet - Originally when I picked this palette up I hoped this shade was 'Cranberry' which in my opinion was a more obvious choice. However, I have really come to love this shade and think it is stunning all over the lid with 'Sketch' in the crease.

Sketch - My second favourite shade in this palette and the one I find makes the most difference to my eye looks, regardless of whether they are red-toned or not. This is a stunning red based brown that looks good in the crease with a multitude of different looks. If I use Sketch in the crease and on the lower lash line I find my eyes have never looked greener!

Overall I am incredibly impressed with this palette. There isn't a dud shade, it's good value for money and I love how compact it is. I think the Times Nine palettes are a really good way to get an introduction to MAC shadows without having to spend a crazy amount of money. The neutral palettes too look so, so beautiful and would be perfect for someone new to MAC, however I definitely think the Burgundy option is great if you want something still quite "neutral" but also want to branch out.
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