My Introduction To Kiko Cosmetics

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Kiko is a brand that has burst onto the beauty scene in the past year due to a few rave reviews from big bloggers, and now everyone is in on the fun. It's a brand I have personally coveted for just as long, as it's not attainable outside of Europe. Stepping into a Kiko store for the first time was incredibly exciting for me, and although I knew it was an affordable brand, the prices still shocked me! I picked up just a couple of pieces, as I knew I would be returning for more at some point!

I was drawn to this blush instantly due to it's stunning, neutral shade. While this definitely still leans towards being mauve in tone, and god knows I have enough mauve blushes, on the cheeks it definitely appears much more nude than it does anything else. Not only is this blush a beautiful colour, the texture is so incredibly buttery that it blends out perfectly on the cheeks and doesn't leave a powdery finish. I really love the packing of the Soft Touch blushes as they are simple and quite small in size, meaning there's room for more in my collection!

Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in '07'

This was a must-buy when going into Kiko, and while I stood there swatching them all for fifteen minutes I settled on a simple, champagne colour to give me a real introduction to the product. Shade '07' is a little chunkier than the rest and not as smooth, so in a way I regret picking it up over some of the creamier formulas. However, it is definitely one of the most wearable shades in the collection and I did make it work by layering another shadow over the top. It's longevity is fantastic, regardless of the formula, and it really did stay all day. It's needless to say this is another product I will be picking up another shade or two in, but I will definitely be sure to pick a smoother formula next time.

Do you have any Kiko recommendations for me?
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