The Fix for Essie Fiji

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Essie's Fiji is famous for good reason, a beautiful, milky pink that just looks lovely on the nails. It's also notorious for being streaky and extremely difficult to apply. For me it takes around three very thick coats for it too look semi-decent and even then it chips or peels off within a day or two. It's just an unpleasant experience that I keep putting myself through because I love the shade so, so much - it seems like everyone else puts up with it as well!

Rimmel's 'Lose Your Lingerie' from the Rita Ora collection is not only an an amazing substitute for Fiji, but it's also in one of my all-time favourite formulas - the 60 second formula! Now, this does have a very subtle shimmer running through it so it's not a dead ringer for Fiji, but the shimmer does not translate onto the nails well and I can only detect it in bright, bright light and even then I have to be looking for it.

This formula is exactly what you want Fiji to be. It's creamy, fast drying and doesn't go on streaky. Because it is such a milky, pastel shade it definitely needs two coats to be opaque, but once that's done you're good to go. The lasting power of this polish is about standard for the Rimmel 60 Second range, and for me that is around two days chip-free with no topcoat. This might not sound amazing to anyone whose nails last and last, but my nails usually chip within the day so I am definitely impressed!

Have you tried Essie's Fiji and how was your experience?
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