The Brow Game Changer


I am obsessive and fussy when it comes to brows so it's needless to say that I don't fall in love with brow products often. I've been a powder girl since day one, as the pencils I had tried had never stood out to me. Sticking to a pigmented, dark brown powder was working just fine - but I felt as though I could find better. When my usual powder ran out, I went hunting... And found Australis's 'Oh Hai Brow' palette.

This palette drew me in for a number of reasons. Firstly, it comes with two, perfect shades. They aren't too warm and aren't too grey either, which is my number one issue with brow products. These powders are buttery and pigmented, but not to the point where they look crazy when applied.

The second big thing for me with this palette is the wax and it instantly became a brow game changer. Sparse patches in my brows had always looked a little sad due to straight powder not adhering to the skin the way I wanted it to. Applying the wax first gives the powder something tacky to adhere to, and my brows have never looked more evenly filled.

I was also incredibly pleased to find out that the tiny, angle brush included is actually completely useable. This is so, so rare and I actually prefer the way this brush applies in comparison to my regular eyebrow brush. The little highlight is great as well, as it's right there with easy access.

I highly recommend this to anyone who can get their hands on it! What has been your eyebrow game changer?
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  1. wow this palette looks really good! My brows are naturally quite thick and aren't sparse anywhere so I don't fill them in but I need to get them threaded on a regular basis!

  2. Nice palette! I have been looking for a good brow product and I will definitely look into this x

    Life of Jana

  3. Sounds absolutely perfect! Glad you found something that's working so well for you :)
    Krista | Love, Krista - Advice from your Online Esthetician

  4. I love Australis, It's such an awesome brand, this product looks good, too bad it doesn't have any colors that would work with my brow color, I am obsessed with the contour kit and color inject lipsticks though, have you tried them?

  5. Looks a bit similar to the brow zings by benefit, but at a much more affordable price, i think i need to go and check this out.

    lisa | lisaxbeauty

  6. Benefit's Brow Zings is definitely what I had in mind when I picked this up! x

  7. I haven't tried the colour inject lipsticks, but I have tried the contour kit! It's a shame they don't have a colour to suit as it is meant to be a 'universal' product - I hope they extend the range. x

  8. It really is! Thank you for reading! x

  9. Definitely do, I'm sure you'd love it! It cannot be beat for the price. x

  10. You are so lucky that you don't need to fill them in! x

  11. I've never seen this before! It looks and sounds great though. Never really tried powder for brows, but there's always a first! I can't live without my Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade.

  12. This looks great, so nice to have everything you need in there. The game changer for me was switching from powder to pencil (the Anastasia Brow Wiz).

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  13. looks great :)

  14. Wonder if you can buy this is the Uk!

    Hopefully so :)