Celeb Inspired: Kendall Jenner


Kendall is my ultimate style and makeup icon. She keeps things simple on the face, which I love, and her style is just perfection. I've put together a little roundup of products that remind me of Kendall and that I use to achieve her signature look.

Matte Definition
Although this is Kim's palette, Kim's Kardazzle really does work for Kendall as well. If Kendall wears shadow at all from day to day, it's a simple matte look with crease definition. Failing that, she will have subtle, natural shimmers, bronzes and golds. This palette is perfect for achieving either!

Nude Lips
Kendall often sports a nude lip, and Nottinghill Nude by Rimmel is my ultimate nude. It just suits my skintone well, which can be hard to find when you have fair skin. When recreating Kendall's look, pick a nude that suits you and you'll be good to go!

Much like her sisters, Kendall often goes for a very glowing and contoured look. This AC on Tour palette by Australis is perfect to get those famous cheekbones or to just warm up your complexion. It also has all of your highlighting needs in one, from a matte setting powder to a shimmer perfect for highpoints.

Graphic Liner
Winged liner is such a polished yet edgy look, and when Kendall uses liner you can bet it's going to be winged. This liner creates a sharp, opaque line and is perfect for achieving that crisp, winged look the girls are famous for.

Long Lashes
This mascara creates that long, fluttery look that stirs envy in us all. It separates and lengthens, which is exactly what you're after.

Are you a fan of Kendall's look?
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  1. Kendall always has stunning make up. I'm still on the hunt for that perfect nude and contour palette but the Australis one looks pretty good. :)

    Eunice Caroline.

  2. I'm a secret Jenner / Kardashian fan... how do they all look so flawless!? Lovely post X
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

  3. Even though I am more into Kylie's style and beauty, I love how Kendall keeps it pretty and classy. xx www.blackirony.com

  4. I'm not a huge fan of the Kardashians, but they always look flawless, I must admit that. I can see you really love that palette!!


  5. I just recently got that Australis Palette and I'm basically going to repurchase it forever! And that rimmel nude lipstick happens to be my favourite of all time! You have awesome makeup taste.


  6. It's definitely one to check out, especially because it's so affordable! x

  7. I completely agree! I love what Kylie does, but when it comes to Kendall her makeup is more aligned with my own tastes. x

  8. Definitely, most of the shades have a huge dent in it! x

  9. I was so worried when it seemed like the Australis palette was going to be limited edition - luckily it's not! x

  10. Loved the post.

    This shade of lipstick is amazing, I would wear it every day.