The Ultimate Affordable Mask

As someone with very stable, non-problematic skin I don't find myself ever wanting to splurge on skincare products. That being said, I had never really found an affordable mask that blew me away or even warranted a repurchase - until this. The Sanctuary 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask was something I didn't think I'd be able to get my hands on here in Australia due to it being from a spa in the UK, so when I saw it on the shelves in my local pharmacy I was over the moon.

This mask is a really great allrounder and works in a multitude of ways. The results I see from application are plump, hydrated and soft feeling skin with a reduction in anything acne related, be it spots or blackheads. It isn't a miracle worker in terms of it reducing spots to nothingness in a night, but it definitely does aid the process and they feel less raised afterwards. There is also something to be said for how lovely makeup goes on afterwards, so while this is a nice one for night, it is also great as a pre-party pamper mask as well!

As for the thermal part of this mask, I wouldn't be too concerned. It is quite a warm sensation, but definitely not a burn and it actually subsides more quickly than I would have thought. It is really fun to apply because of the thermal element and my boyfriend even wanted to give it a go after hearing that it warms up on your face!

I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good, affordable face mask and would love to know your favourites.
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  1. I love sanctuary products but I have never used any skincare, think I may look out for this at the weekend xxx

  2. I love thermal face masks! They always make my skin feel great.
    Cowgirl Dreams at

  3. AH! I use this all the time! It's just the best mask. Also The Body Shop Warming Masks is a firm favourite of mine!

  4. I used to love this a few years ago, you've made me want to try it again :D xxx

  5. Definitely do! I'm sure you'd love it. x

  6. I don't know what the thermal effect is doing, but I definitely like it as well!

  7. I definitely have to check that one out! The Body Shop just have so many masks and I always find myself getting overwhelmed.

  8. I looove this face mask! It makes my skin feel amazing and I really like the warming sensation o my skin :)
    Ana Céline Labod

  9. i've heard a fair bit about this mask and i actually saw last night on the priceline website that it's 30% off that the moment and was thinking of picking it up, and now i've read your review on it too so i might have to! i definitely don't need any new masks at the moment but this one is surprisingly affordable, especially when it's on sale.

    little henry lee

  10. I've heard a few youtubers talking about this mask and I've been intrigued since! It sounds great, and although I was a little concerned about the thermal effect (my skin reacted badly to a thermal mask once) I'm sure it isn't an issue!

    Kathryn from This Outlet

  11. My friend has recommended this to me very recently, I wouldn't mind giving it a try, especially now my current clay mask has just ran out.
    Amy x