The Wishlist: Spring 2014

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The warmer weather has me craving bare legs and short sleeves. I'm usually a lover of autumnal type dressing, but prospect of summer has me excited for once. I've been loving the sport luxe trend more than ever, and some of these pieces would create the perfect balance of laid-back and chic for warmer-weather ensembles. 

1. Sport Luxe
Mesh, numbers, panels and striped sleeved everything is on my wish list. I'm not the biggest fan of the "chic tracksuit pants" aspect, but when it comes to jersey style tops I'm obsessed. There are so many offerings at the moment it's hard to narrow them down and make a decision, but you can be sure to see me rocking these pieces in the warmer months.

2. Sliders
I'm absolutely in love with the pair I already own and I find myself wearing them daily, so I've been wanting to extend my collection. They are much cuter than thongs and look much more put together, yet are just as comfortable if not more so. I would love some funkier ones like the holographic style featured above, but I'd also like some Birks for ultra-comfiness. 

3. Crystals 
I've always loved the aesthetic of crystals and geodes, and now that they're becoming a common feature in jewellery I couldn't be happier. I would love a pointed crystal necklace as I think there is just something so cool about them, especially worn around the neck.

4. Marc Jacobs Holographic Pieces
I would be over the moon with any of them, and while the silver collection is largely sold out, the coloured are just as pretty. I really need a new smallish pouch just for my cards and one of these would be perfect! 

5. Cateyed Sunglasses
In Australia sunglasses are necessary all year round because even in the winter the glare from the clouds is blinding. I have so many oversized shades, but am lacking in the cat eye department because I haven't been able to find my ideal pair. 

6. Phone Case
This kind of counts as an accessory in my eyes. I've been eyeing up the Rifle Paper Co 'city' themed cases and have my heart set on the Paris one. I would honestly be happy with any of their cases though, to be honest.

What is currently on your fashion wishlist? 

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  1. I just adore this wishlist! That phone case is so cute too x

  2. Perfect outfit!!! I loved it!

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  3. I am dying for a pair of birks! they are so cute
    Allison from

  4. I know! It's such a shame Rifle Paper Co don't sell where I live. x

  5. Love these sunglasses! The shoes look ultra comfy too.

  6. I'm always on the look out for new phone cases and I love Marc by Marc Jacobs' Spring 2015 collection!


  7. I'm still not a fan of Birkenstock but I do like the rest of your picks :) I like sporty chic!


  8. That phone case is awsome :)
    On my wishlist there are mostly circle skirts abd high waisted pants!

    Ellie xx

  9. Love the phone case!

  10. I love high waisted pants so, so much! x

  11. They're very love/hate! Sporty chic is one of my favourite trends so far this year.

  12. Marc Jacobs is one of my favourite designers!

  13. I love sliders so much because most of them are incredibly comfortable but still look cute.

  14. Love the Marc Jacobs Holographic pouch x
    I know its not spring/ summer anymore but I defiantly think you could mold these pieces into winter to x

    Caitriona Tighe