My Collection #2: Revlon Lip Butters


The Revlon Lip Butters are definitely not new, but I couldn't help but make a post on my little collection. I adore everything about these from the colours to the formulation. They are pricey in Australia (around $20 a piece) but I've bought all of mine on offer for around $10. My shades are Juicy Papaya, Candy Apple, Sweet Tart and Cupcake. The two I love most are Juicy Papaya and Sweet Tart.

Sweet Tart is the colour that got me into wearing a bright lip. It is a medium-bright pink that is wearable and great for beginners who feel unsure of themselves in bolder colours, or even lipstick at all. It's also very brightening and definitely picks up a dull complexion while also adding interest to a simple makeup look.

Juicy Papaya is more subtle when it comes to pigmentation and is great for every day wear. It gives a noticeable, coral sheen to the lips and I wore this almost every day over the summer. It's fresh, flattering and best of all, you don't need a mirror to apply it!

Candy Apple is by no means your standard opaque red lip. It is definitely on the sheerer side, but has the same punch as a classic red does. This is a great shade for people who are wary of reds as it is very, very low maintenance and easy to apply, yet still gives you the look you want without being overly bold.

Finally, Cupcake looked gorgeous in the tube and looks even better swatched. When it comes to the lips though, it is just too sheer to be noticed over the natural pigmentation of your lips. I've looked at countless people wearing it online and it works for them and looks true to colour, but I haven't been able to get it to work like that for me.

What shades should I try next?
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  1. I have Sweet Tart lying around somewhere...must find it because it's a gorgeous shade! I really want to try Juicy Papaya, it looks like such a lovely, summery colour x

    Josie’s Journal

    1. Definitely have a look for it, it's such a beautiful lip colour!