Birthday Wishlist

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Tomorrow I'm turning twenty, and while people keep saying "you're still a baby!" I feel old! As I've gotten older, my birthday lists have definitely evolved. I used to write lavish practical-novels of things I couldn't afford and needed my family to splurge on for me, but now that I'm an "adult" (cringe) if I desperately want something I can just pick it up for myself. However, there are always things you don't necessarily want to buy for yourself or even think to and these make the best gifts of all.

1. A Chocolate Cake
This is what I've been telling my boyfriend I want since he brought up the topic of my birthday at the beginning of the month. Silly? Yes. But I will be genuinely disappointed if I don't get some form of chocolate cake on my birthday because it's my absolute favourite and I only get it once a year.

2. Socks
Okay, I buy myself socks when I need them but I definitely don't enjoy doing it. And when I say socks, I mean fun socks. Ideally, hundreds of pug socks. My collection of cute socks is building with my pug socks, hedgehog socks and cat socks but I need more for my life to be fulfilled.

3. Pyjamas
I don't think I have ever bought myself a pair of pyjamas and who really needs to when you have a nana who gives you a pair as part of your present every holiday/birthday/gift giving event. This is something I look forward to receiving more than anything else.

4. Notebooks
Stationary seems to be a default "I don't know you well so I'll buy you this because you're going to end up needing paper and pens, right?" gift, but it's a present I love. Any cute notebook, pen, pencil case, etc is right up my alley and the more the better.

5. Luxury Beauty Products
This is a gift I love giving and a gift I love receiving. I just feel so special dipping into an expensive shadow or pricey concealer. It makes you feel special when using it and that's a feeling I love and want others in my life to experience.

6. Phone Case
I have such a hard time justifying shelling out money for a piece of plastic that is inevitably going to get damaged when I drop my phone or toss it hastily into my bag. If I love a case to bits, I'll buy it, but other than that I want them as gifts so I don't have to think about the costs involved.

What is something you love receiving as a gift but hate buying yourself? I have a feeling there are a few I've missed!
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