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While it's safe to say I haven't always been the most on trend person in the world, I have actually found myself lusting after looks lately. The fact that all things edgy are on pointe is a dream come true to me as I have always loved this style. However, up until late, I have always found it hard to find pieces that have the right balance of grunge and chic. Here are just a few things I've been loving:

1. Chunky Heels
These are definitely and love hate piece and I know a lot of people who hate the look of these on the food. But… I am in love! A shoe like the Jeffrey Campbell's shown above can transform a boring outfit and are just stunning in general!

2. Kenzo Eye Print
I have seen this print none stop and while I never would have thought I'd yearn for an eye print, here I am. There is something about it that just excites me, and I can't quite put my finger on it.

3. Dark Lips
This is probably the most surprising thing I've jumped on board with considering I have a fear of bold lips. Again, something about this just speaks to me and I don't quite understand it. With the effort I took selecting the perfect oxblood shade, I had better love this look for while!

4. White Nails
People can't seem to resist making a white-out comment when white nails are mentioned, and I was skeptical in the beginning too. White nails do not look like white out! They just look clean, professional and best of all make you look tanned! Matte white, creamy white, I like them all!

5. Big Glasses
There is just something so great about the shape of these glasses and I really cannot think of words to describe them. They are almost circular, but not quite, and are extremely flattering on most face shapes. Finding glasses that suit me is a chore, but I have had a streak of good luck when it comes to these frames.

6. Quartz Rings
I love quartz and I love rings, so this is a given. The earthy vibe from quartz stones mixed with glistening gold or silver is just so aesthetically pleasing I need it on my fingers so I can see it every day.

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