Look for Less: Celine Inspired Tote

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I am a big believer in the difference between 'fake' and 'inspired' for the reason that I don't think you should have to shell out thousands just to achieve a look you love. When it comes to the fashion industry designs aren't protected and almost everything is inspired somewhat by a  high-end designer. This happens all the time and I am sure all of us own 'inspired' items without even realising it!
However, if a piece is claiming to be Celine or Chanel when it isn't, this is where 'fake' comes in. This isn't a petty "Wow she has a fake Chanel!" it is a serious enough offence to be illegal.

While scouring the internet for a look-a-like bag, I found Daily Look's 'Large Structured Handbag'. This bag is almost identical to the Celine luggage tote, the bag I had in mind, but without any of the branding.
The quality of this bag is amazing! I lug it everywhere, including university, and it holds my texts and laptop without feeling as though the handles are about to snap like a lot of my other totes. It has also held it's shape perfectly which is an issue I've had with a lot of my other "structured" totes.
One of my favourite details is the tan suede-like interior. It adds such a subtle touch but it makes all the difference to me, especially because it's so much easier to find what I'm looking for!

I would highly recommend this to anyone who is lusting after a Celine bag and worrying about the price tag!

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