Bonjour, Paris!

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I envisioned myself tapping away this post contently in the waiting area of the airport while I waited for my coach to whisk me away to the city centre, however that did not happen. Instead, I'm sitting here catching up on Shaaanxo vlogs that I was off the radar for, having already had a day to explore the city.

Arriving in the city centre at 2 pm allowed me a good afternoon strolling around, visiting the Eiffel Tower and of course getting straight into the pharmacies and anywhere makeup is stocked! It was all very relaxed and unplanned, which was exactly what I needed after such a hectic 26 hours trying to navigate international airports.

As for how I'm finding the city, it was love at first sight! There are of course the big things, like how stunning everything is, but there are so many tiny details you would never expect. Even having to pile my tote full of groceries in replacement of a plastic bag was just very enchanting to me, it's just such a foreign concept (and an amazing one!).

I just wanted to pop in to let you guys know that I'd arrived in one piece and to share a couple of snaps I took that I'm really proud of! Do you have any Paris recommendations for me?
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