Summer Favourites


Summer is over and my heart is a little bit broken because of it. I had a particularly incredible summer this year, full of swimming, sun and the beach and I'm sad to see it go and to get back into the usual uni routine. I thought in honour of summer, I would do a special edition 'favourites' this month to see it out. Here are a collection of products that I loved this summer and are perfect for anyone going into the summer time where they live.

Le Tan Coconut Lotion SPF 30+
I am a sucker for anything coconut scented so this was a no brainer for me. It works pretty much as any typical sunscreen would, but its formula is great and rubs in with ease as the consistency isn't too thick. I am a complete mum when it comes to SPF and walk around asking my friends if they've applied it yet and try to pressure them into it.

Australis Oh Hai Brow Brow Kit
This is just a life favourite at the moment, but due to the wax in this kit it really does keep your brows in place. It's not waterproof by any means, but it definitely does uphold through a sweaty summer day, just not through swimming.

Garnier's BB Cream
This is the perfect summer base as it isn't too dewey and is super light. Wearing foundation in the hotter months can feel like torture sometimes, and I find this gives a "done" look to the skin without feeling like you're wearing anything at all.

Banana Boat Aloe Mist After Sun Spray
This is a must have for anyone who is going to be spending long periods of time in the sun. If you get burnt this feels incredibly soothing and takes the heat and redness out of your burn so quickly, there is such a difference just overnight! Even if you haven't been burnt, it's a really soothing mist that feels great on skin that's been out in the heat all day.

ChiChi Baked Eyeshadow in Call Me
This is a great summer highlight as it's golden and brightening. This is the shade that reminds me of summer makeup looks, and it is a product I use everyday whether it's for inner corners, brows or even lids.

What is your favourite summer product?
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  1. Im really interested in the Garnier BB cream, everyone says it's great. That brow kit seems nice.

  2. Aww I'm so pleased you had a great summer! The Chi Chi eyeshadow looks like such a pretty shade <3 x

  3. I love how the Australis brow kit is so affordable

    lisa | lisaxbeauty

  4. Awww it's winter where I am!! I want summer now!! <3 The BB Garnier cream is everything btw! <3

    xo xo


  5. I'm sad summer is over for you, but not really because it means spring is coming for me!


  6. Wonderful products. ^^
    New post is online...

  7. Haha, I so get that! Enjoy it. x

  8. It really is! It has everything you need. x

  9. I'm obsessed with the BB! And don't worry, my summer will be coming to you soon enough. x

  10. I know, it really reminds me of the Benefit Brow Zings. x

  11. It really is! It's just a great 'everyday' kind of shade. x

  12. I've tried the original and it was almost greasy to me without powdering? I find with this formula it's kind of already demi-matte. The Chi Chi shadows are definitely a must try, but I would really recommend picking up one of the palettes to try them out as they're much better value. x

  13. It's definitely something to try, as it's affordable! I'm sure you'd love it as well. x