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Brows are a feature that are very important to me, along with most of the blogging community it seems. I'm not someone who trusts other people with my brows as I've heard one too many horror stories. For this reason I have always done my brows myself and am always more than happy with the results, so I thought I would share my tricks with you all!

This can be a tricky one depending on what your brows look like naturally, but if you're like me and already have quite a defined shape it's much simpler. If you have a good look at your brows you will see which hairs are the outliers, so to speak, and these are what you want to pluck. Be cautious because one hair too far can make a big difference, but if you take it slow it will be fine. I don't really believe in the "never pluck ___" rules, as I find stray hairs grow both above and below, so do what suits you and your brows.

If your brow shape isn't as defined or you're unsure if you have the right shape down pat, start by filling in your brows as you usually would. Once they're filled in the way you like, it will become clear what hairs need to go and which make up your brow shape.

If you have some hairs that grow above the brow line, those pesky strands that are usually right at the front of the brow, don't be afraid to use scissors (the idea always scared me!). Tiny nail scissors are definitely what will work in your favour,  and this is another thing you really want to take your time with - don't do this as you're needing to rush out the door! Start slow and trim tiny bits a time. It's always better to go slowly than to take off too much at once. 

Filling In
This is my favourite step in my brow routine as it just brings them to life. Everyone prefers a different method when it comes to brows, and I have tried a lot of products, but I always go to back to powder. A powder and wax combination is what I prefer most, as the wax helps the powder adhere to the patches of skin that it usually wouldn't take to. I love powder because it creates a very defined look, but it is also very natural at the same time. 

My method is quite simple. I apply some wax to my brows then go in with a thin angled brush and fill  in my brows. As a rule of thumb, I like to leave the front of the brows quite product free, maybe a light dusting, and tend to go darker the closer to the tail I get. This creates that natural look, as it can look a little blocky if you fill in the front too much. This is my preference, though, and it all depends on what look you're wanting to achieve. Finally, I finish up my work with a brow gel to set and lock in the powder. 

Finishing Touches
There are a few little finishing touches that can really make a difference if you have the time. These are things I don't necessarily do everyday, but when I do it does make my brows pop even more. A brow bone highlight is always great and really does lift the brows. Any shade you feel works, I usually change it up between white and champagne tones.

Concealing around the perimeter of the brows is also another big one. This tidies up any edges and also gives that highlighted effect. It can also mask any stray hairs you've missed. This is definitely something I only do when I have a full face on, but it does give a really nice effect.

These are my steps to my perfect brows, and I like to think they are quite simple and foolproof. Is your routine similar and what is something extra you like to do?
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  1. I really want to try the Maybeline Brow Drama!!


  2. I always set my brows in place with a clear dry spool before filling them in with a powder (usually Mac Charcoal Brown eyeshadow) and I set them with the Maybelline BrowDrama transparent brow gel :)

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

  3. Eyebrows are SO important for a clean and polished look. I've had good luck with using a scissor rather than plucking :)
    Meg of An Affair of Character

  4. ooh this is so great! i hope you're having an amazing day :))


  5. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! x

  6. They really make such a difference to the shape! x

  7. This is very similar to my routine as well! Thanks for stopping by. x

  8. Definitely give it a go if it seems like one of the shades will suit, it's a great bargain brow gel! x

  9. Filling in my brows is a must for me ever since I started using mufe brow corrector years ago :)

    Sheer Beauty Blog

  10. I only do my eyebrows when I feel like it. I just use a shadow and a clear mascara. I haven't tried anything else but the brow-type is making me want to try some new products!

  11. These products look great - my fav is Soap & Glory's archery!

  12. This looks great!! I use different products depending on what mood I'm in haha but I'll always add a touch of highlighter on the arch of the brow just to define them more! :)

    Layla xx

  13. Ooh I love these! Would love it if you could check out my latest March favourites post!

    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love

  14. ive recently discovered doing your brows is an integral part of your makeup routine, it just somehow gives you the finishing touch! Great Post and Products! xxx

    Anisha ♥ All You Need Is Red

  15. My eyebrow routine is way to simple compared to most, but it's because they are very thick and sparse. So the only thing I do is fill them in a tiny bit.


  16. Ah brows, my arch nemesis (Ha, you get it?!)
    It is definatly one of those practice makes perfect things. Some great tips though! :D


    Elephant stories and more

  17. Great tips! I literally hate shaping my brows, I spent like 20 minutes to make it look accurate and more or less polished.

    Altynay |

  18. Eyebrows are a nightmare to me! haha some good tips here though x

  19. I love doing my eyebrows, I think it makes such a difference in your makeup. They're kind of a frame for your eyes!

    Nati xx

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