New In: Windsor Smith 'Hunt' Platforms


As a 5"5 girl, I find myself lusting after anything with height. Platforms are my favourite kind of shoe as they give me the height I'm looking for, but are flat and therefore extremely comfortable. I don't have to think when walking in platforms, and although my collection is building up, I couldn't pass these by.

They are dramatic, and therefore by no means everyones style, but I was in love as soon as I saw them. There were a few different textures to choose from when it came to the band, but I decided to stick with the plain, super soft, black leather. Because the platforms themselves are a durable feeling rubber rather than the usual foam, they are a little heavier than usual but this actually makes them feel more stable. I have been disappointed when it comes to the quality of Windsor Smith's shoes before, especially since they are pricey, but I definitely have no complaints when it comes to this style.

What do you think of the chunky shoe trend? It's definitely a love/hate type of thing.
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  1. love them :)

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    little taste of heaven

  2. love those! They look so comfortable x

  3. Windsor Smith always has amazing shoes. I want platforms even more since I'm 5'3. These shoes are gorgeous! This style is so in point.