Top Four Posts Of 2014


As a psychology student I have a love-hate relationship with statistics. I find studying the sum of their parts difficult and unsatisfying, but the end result always excites me. This is the same when it comes to blogging, the only thing that excites me about blog stats is seeing the end product, and for me, that is which posts do the best. Popular posts are such a funny thing as those you think will be a hit rarely make the top mark, and those that creep up there are the least expected.

1. September Favourites
My first and only favourites post this year reached the top space in my "popular posts" section, and this one is the most surprising. I figured that favourites posts were oversaturated in everyones blog feeds, which is why I didn't feel the need to contribute monthly, but it seems they are like that for a reason. I definitely want to make this a regular feature on Nueyork in 2015 as they are some of my favourite posts to read!

2. The Review: Benefit's Dandelion Boxed Powder
This post stands out to me as it's when I really started focusing on the photography aspect of my blog. I'm still guilty of quite plain backgrounds every now and then, but this set of photos out in the grass really inspired me to become more creative and I am still proud of them to this day. It makes me so happy that this post makes the cut, as I really did see it as a turning point!

3. Stress Less
I wrote this post on a whim after a few bad days where I'd really had to put myself first and de-stress. I really wanted to share with whoever so happened to read the post that your mental wellbeing is so important to prioritise, and stress is a major factor in that. It was my first more 'personal' and advice-type post, so I'm really glad it went down well and I definitely want to write more like this in the future!

4. The 20-Something Crisis
My second more honest and open post, and again, I'm happy there was such a positive response! There is nothing more satisfying when it comes to blogging that sharing something and creating discussion. There were so many interesting stories, and I felt honoured that people were willing to share them with me. This has to be one of my favourite posts of the entire year!

What was your most popular post of 2014 and did it surprise you?
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  1. This post is so relateable! I would have never expected my hauls or fashion posts to be my most viewed, so it's funny seeing them make the list. As you mentioned improving your photography was a huge step for your blog, I am really trying to work towards that too. White backgrounds are so clear cut for me, but I am trying to step out and experiment more with laying objects around my main focus, which is quite difficult I will have to admit :| If you could do a photography tips post, I would be more than grateful to read that! xx

    Emily //

  2. I definitely want to do a photography tips post, but I feel like I need to improve myself a little first! I don't know how ready I feel to give advice when I'm still taking baby steps. x

  3. So many great posts! My most popular was my DIY tutorial for how to do shellac gel nails at home - I'm kind of surprised because it's old and photography isn't great!

    Josie XOXO

    Fashion Mumblr

  4. I think everyone is interested in how to apply shellac at home - it would be such an amazing skill to have! x

  5. I really love your blog theme/layout, its so cute, and your photography is so nice <3


  6. I loved your post on the 20-something crisis as it was definitely something I could empathise with as I'm in the same boat :D xx

  7. Thank you so, so much - it means the world! x

  8. You speak such truth in your post about the 20-something crisis, I'm not surprised that it was popular!

  9. Such a great round up :) statistics are funny things! I have a similar pattern happening, where things I think will go down well, don't, and vice versa!

    Hope you have a lovely NYE!
    Sam xx

  10. Thank you so much, it means a lot! x

  11. Thank you! It means the world. x

  12. I feel you on the favorites (I thought the web was inundated with this type of posts) but they're popular for a reason hehe