Striking The Blogging Balance


When blogging as a hobby with other full-time commitments, finding a balance can be difficult. I have found myself both prioritising my blog and neglecting it, neither of which are ideal. Through trial and error, I think I have found my blogging balance, and here is how...

Keep a Running List
I will sit down and brainstorm or simply add an idea when it comes to mind. This is great for days when you are feeling uninspired and don't know what to write about, because often going through this list will spark something. It is also great if you are quite forgetful, as there will always be an idea ready for you.

Mass Photo Take
One of the easiest ways to stay on top of blogging is to take your photos in bulk. On a good lighting day I will go through my list of posts I want to do and take as many photographs as I can. I then edit them and save them as drafts so my content is accessible from anything with an internet connection. I love doing this as there is always a post waiting to be written, and writing is the fun part for me!

Have a Blog Plan
This isn't for everyone, and if the idea makes you gag, that's fine. However, I like to sit down and map out my month blog-wise. It soothes me to know what's on the horizon and helps me to keep on track. I first fill in seasonal posts, features, posts I want to do that month and then leave a few gaps for anything that pops up. This is perfect for students as when you're feeling a little brain dead from studying, you don't have to think too much about your posts.

I am a very sporadic writer. Sometimes I will churn out three posts in a day, and others the words just won't flow. I often have a few complete posts sitting in my drafts, waiting to be posted. Some days I will wake up and schedule a pre-prepared post knowing that it won't happen otherwise. Other days, I will wake up and feel like creating something new to post that day. This feature can be used in any that works for you. It's also great during exam weeks, or holidays, when you'll be away from wifi for awhile but still want to release content.

Never Feel Guilty
Don't feel guilty for being organised when it comes to your blog and don't feel guilty if everything is last minute and sporadic for you. Everyone does their own thing, and that's one of the best parts about blogging. Organisation is soothing to some and makes other people feel like they are doing a job. Everyone is different and if something doesn't work for you, don't do it!

How do stay balanced when it comes to blogging and other commitments?
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  1. Mass photos. Yes! I have learned this the hard way. Such a good way to get the most out of your time. The trick is to already have ideas on what you need to do in advance.

    :] // ▲ ▲

  2. I'm new to blogging and this post was great for me, thanks!

  3. Great tips! I'm a new blogger and I need this kind of tips!

  4. Definitely agree about bulk photo taking! I definitely find it easier to do it all in one go - having backgrounds ready etc. Too much effort to do one post at a time!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  5. Great tips! I go through periods of prioritizing and neglecting too and it's definitely not ideal. I don't normally take my photos in bulk but that sounds so helpful so I think I'll start! xo

  6. I feel I go through moments of having a million blog ideas and then none at all. I do have a blog notebook but I need to remember to write in it! What with having a full time job it's hard sometime to keep on top of things. Some really good tips here though :) X

  7. I always do the mass photo taking thing and edit and upload, it's such a time saver!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  8. I've found myself falling really behind in blogging this semester so I'm going to embrace the new year to get back on top of it! Thanks for the tips :) x

     Charlotte's Road

  9. This is a great post! Today was the first time I blogged in a month because school became so crazy. But I will definitely be making lots of posts this winter break to make sure I don't fall behind as much when school starts back up :)

    Emily //

  10. It can be so hard during the school year! x

  11. I know, it's such an incredible trick and something I think a lot of bloggers find themselves doing! x

  12. I completely agree! It's also handy to look at the "10 blog post idea" posts you see floating around, as some of these are incredible sources of inspiration as well. x

  13. Definitely do! When it comes to products/reviews/makeup looks it only takes an afternoon and you could have ten posts ready to go! x

  14. Definitely! It makes the writing process easier as well, because I find it so hard to write a post without the image being there first. x

  15. No problem! I hope you enjoyed it. x

  16. Definitely! This is what changed the blogging process for me completely, as I used to take only one photo at a time. x

  17. Good tips! I'm thinking as a new years resolution to take more time and improve my blog and to spend more time on it. I will be using these ideas for sure, thank you! <3

  18. i have school and lots of work so trying to find a blogging balance can be hard. I take photos in bulk all the time because i love it but I'm not so great with everything else i seem to only be able to write one post a day for some reason but i am trying to work on that for the new year