My Handbag Essentials


I'm such a handbag fiend that I have my purse-stuffing ways down pat. I have a little map in my head of what goes in what bag, depending on the size, and what bag is for what purpose - night out, day trip, university. With my new Zara mini croc bucket bag, it is a size where I can carry some "just in case" items around but not so many that it gets ridiculous. I would say money, ID and my phone are the real "bag essentials", but these are what I love having with me if I have the extra room to spare.

1. My Mimco Wallet 
I spoke about my love for minimalistic wallets here, though I am still a sucker for the big and bulky. I'm such a loyalty card hoarder and I just don't need them on a day to day basis. I couldn't help but include my Priceline card in this purse though, because I find myself in there more than anywhere else. This pouch is big enough that I can put my phone into it as well, so it's a great grab-and-go piece.

2. Lip Balm
This changes a lot, but it's most likely to be Blistex or my NUXE Rėve De Miel. I hate having dry lips with no way to treat them and would resort to buying balms in a pinch, so it's safe to just keep one on me at all times.

3. Emergency Kit
This could really be a huge bag in itself if I let it, but I've reduced it to a bag friendly tiny polka dot pouch. In here I have band aids, painkillers of varying types, a compact mirror, a USB, tampons and some lint remover sheets. An odd mix, but I find myself needing a USB at university a lot more than expected and I have so many fluffy pieces that lint removing pads are a must.

4. Hand Sanitiser 
I'm definitely not an advocate of using this all the time because I have a fear that I will be the sole creator of the next super-bug and my boyfriend likes to feed this idea. However, in a pinch it does the job as public restrooms aren't always equipped for perfect hand washing. It's also great for times when your hands are just feeling gross and you need to freshen them up quickly as they feel much cleaner after use.

5. Deodorant
This is such a great idea and something I've only started doing recently. There have been so many times when I'm out and don't feel 100% fresh anymore and a reapplication of deodorant would have done the trick, so I bought an extra of my favourite Dove scent to keep in my bag for these scenarios. It's also great for days you run out the door and realise you have forgotten to apply deodorant, which is always a stressful time.

6. Hairbrush
My hair aways looks a bit sad halfway through the day and I find brushing it through really brings it back to life. My friends always tease me for carrying around a dinky Hello Kitty brush, but it's come in handy more times than I can count and I will often be seen saying "See! See! It's useful!" to them as I use it.

7. My Glasses
I usually rely on me wearing them out of the house if I need them, but I found myself at the drive in cinema the other night with the movie a blur because I'd left my glasses behind. I'm trying to make a habit of keeping them with me when I'm leaving home for a prolonged period of time to avoid situations like that.

8. Multiple Near Identical Lip Products
I'm sure most people reading this will be 100% guilty of this one. I usually have more, but when swapping bags I decided to tone it down. The collection will undoubtedly build itself again though over time. These are two mauvey-pink lipliners and you might be asking why I need both - I don't know. I do like carrying lip liners around with me as they are easy to apply and because these colours are so neutral I can make do with a dodgy car application or in a cloudy reflection of myself in a bus stop window.

What are your absolute bag essentials and do you think there is something important missing from mine?
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  1. love your little hairbrush :)

    I'm running a "Christmas" giveaway (lorac pro pallet+ the wet brush), if you're interested, check this link:

    little taste of heaven

  2. you'll pretty much find all of that in my bag!

  3. Hey dear,

    We have an amazing giveaway this week with Carlo Giuliano silver bracelet. Just push your luck:


  4. I used to be a hand sanitiser freak but now I don't care. Far worse things out there that can make you sick ;)

  5. I love your bag! Very simple yet chic :-) Except for deodorant I think everything else would be in my bag too!


  6. Omg, the glasses sitch. Feel that. I've left them behind on a couple of occasions, once I even brought along an empty glasses case haha!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  7. The emergency kit is such a good idea!! Love your purse, too!

    x Kat

  8. Having an emergency kit is such a good idea, I need to make one! I always have a few lip balms with me just in case I lose one, which happens all the time.

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  9. I love the Nuxe Lip balm as well, especially now in winter time. I also cary some disinfecting wipes with me, I find them more convenient than a hand sanitizer.

  10. Haha i totally agree with most of these picks :) I do have perfume instead of deodorant though, and idk how many times i've saved people with my emergency kit!

    I tagged you in my recent me-time tag (, btw :D I hope you check it out and do it xx